10 Tips on how to make waxing less painful

Let’s be honest, when you wax, you are pulling hairs out by the roots, so it’s going to hurt a bit! But, fear not, if you’ve never waxed before, because it’s really not as bad as it sounds and there are ways that you can significantly reduce the pain of waxing. There is no doubt that waxing does work; it removes more hairs, it doesn’t leave a shadow and it leaves your skin perfectly smooth. So, as you prepare for the long sunny days on the beach, don’t put off waxing, because you think it might hurt too much, and read these ten tips on how to make waxing less painful.

1. Take some pain killers before you get it done

Don’t leave taking pain killers until after the wax, take them before. If you take some over-the-counter pain killers, half an hour to an hour before you get the waxing done, it will reduce the pain and it will reduce swelling afterward too.

2. Don’t drink coffee on the morning of a wax

Skipping your morning pick-me-up coffee will help to reduce the pain of waxing too. The energy boosting effect of the caffeine stimulates the nerve endings too, and that will make you even more sensitive to the pain. Save the coffee until you have had the wax and it will save you a lot of pain.

3. Go right after your period

Another tip on how to make waxing less painful is to go for it right after your period. Your period makes you more sensitive to pain, so never go for a wax just before your period is due to start. Your body is less sensitive to pain during and just after your period, so the least painful time for waxing, will be in the first few days, right after a period. That’s when your pain tolerance is at its highest.

4. Try not to tense up

Another useful tip on how to make waxing less painful is to try not to tense up during the process. It’s a natural reaction to tense up just before a wax strip is pulled off, because you know what’s about to come. Tensing up, though, will actually make the pain worse, so try to take your mind off it and relax. Tensing up will pull your muscles and your skin tighter, so it will hurt more when the hairs are pulled from your skin.

5. Exfoliate before you go for a wax

Next good tip on how to make waxing less painful is to exfoliate your skin before you go for a wax, it will make the waxing more effective, as well as less excruciating. Exfoliating the area of skin that is about to be waxed will remove the dead skin that hide and trap hairs, which will make them harder to pull out. It also lifts hairs from the skin, so the wax can adhere to them easier.

6. Let the hair grow in between waxes

When you shave hair, you can make it denser, coarser and more difficult to remove. If you don’t shave between waxes or, for several days before a wax, it will make the process a lot less painful. If you are new to waxing, then be patient with this. Once you have had a wax a number of times, the hair that grows afterward will gradually become less visible and finer.

7. Have a hot shower before you get a wax

Another tip on how to make waxing less painful  is to have a hot shower before you get a wax. Warm water and steam will soften the skin and open up the pores. A long soak in the bath, then, will make it much easier for the hairs to come out and it will make the whole process a lot less painful. This is exactly the same reason why people say that shaving in the shower is more effective than shaving dry.

8. Wear soft, loose fitting clothing

The first few hours after you have had a wax, your skin will be tender and a little bit sore, especially, if you are having a bikini wax. The best type of clothing to wear after a wax is loose fitting fabrics made of natural fibres. Tight fitting clothes will aggravate the skin and cause in growing hairs. Natural fibre fabrics are better, because man-made fibres can trap sweat and that could irritate and clog up your pores after a wax.

9. Take your mind off it

Next tip on how to make waxing less painful is to take your mind off it. The worse thing that you can do when you are having a wax is to watch what is going on, so just the same as you would when you are being given an injection, look away and try and think about something else. If you are doing your own home wax, then you could watch the TV or, if you are getting a professional wax, then try reading a magazine or talking to the esthetician.

10. Use a cooling lotion

Put a light skin lotion in the refrigerator the night before you are due to go for a wax, and then you’ll have a soothing, cool way to  soothe the pain and re-hydrate your skin when you get home.

How to make waxing less painful? What are your tips?

Stay beautiful!

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