10 Tips on how to feel like an elegant and classy lady

When an elegant, classy girl, walks into a room, you will be able to see the guys’ heads turn. It’s not money, it’s not education and it’s not breeding, that makes a classy girl. It’s an attitude and a determination to be that way, and anyone can do it. So, forget the Swiss finishing school and the deportment lessons, here are ten simple ways that anyone can be an elegant and classy lady:

1. Mind your language

The first thing that will scream, ‘No Class!’ to a man, is a girl who uses lots of bad language. Even if you get everything else right, if a string of four letter words comes forth from your mouth, every time you speak, you will give off the image of anything, but a lady.

2. Talk softly

Ladies, don’t need to shout to get other people’s attention. Talk softly, politely and don’t talk too fast. People will still notice you and they will treat you like a real lady in return.

3. Keep your makeup subtle

Wear makeup that is appropriate for the occasion and use subtle and natural looking tones. Bold lip colours, for example, can look great for an evening out, but it won’t make you feel sophisticated and cool during the day.

4. Walk tall

Walk tall and proud and walk with confidence. You can make a statement with the way that you hold yourself. So, think elegance and grace, with every step you take, and you will look and feel the part of a true lady.

5. Be careful how you sit down

Never, just plonk yourself down, in a seat and always be aware of what your clothes are doing, as you sit. Gently place yourself down, in a graceful, and ladylike manner, and remember; it should all be one elegant, fluid movement.

6. Get a manicure

Always look after your nails and get a professional manicure regularly. Elegant hands and nails are a sure sign of a lady and they look far more at home, holding a champagne flute at a party, than chipped or grubby nails ever will!

7. Wear great looking clothes and great hair

Avoid being too casual with your clothing. You don’t need to wear expensive designer clothes to look classy. Clean, well-fitting clothes, though, will make you feel so much more confident and elegant. And, don’t forget the hair. A regular visit to the stylist will keep you feeling on top of the world too.

8. Wear a good scent

A good quality scent will add to your feeling of sophistication too. Not too much, or too overpowering though, just enough subtle perfume to make an impression and leave a lasting memory. That’s what every girl needs.

9. Invest in some quality lingerie

Quality lingerie can have an amazing effect on how you feel. When you know that what you are wearing under your clothes looks great, it can change your whole demeanour and attitude. It’s like your very own, classy girl, secret weapon!

10. Believe that you are classy

Believe in yourself, because elegance is generated by confidence. There are so many ways that a girl can project a ladylike image, and so many ways that she can wreck the image quickly too. Think about how you want to look and the image that you want to project and, if you believe it, it will happen.

Stay happy and beautiful!

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  1. justagirl
    March 11, 2017 at 4:56 pm

    It’s not true that anyone can behave like a lady. You do need education and good breeding, or your efforts to look ladylike won’t be effective and will shatter as soon as you start talking.

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