10 Tips on how to feel beautiful, even on the bad days

Some days, it’s hard to feel beautiful, especially, with the unrealistic images of beauty that the media constantly feed us. But then the girls on the front covers of the magazines have professional hairdressers, makeup artists and wardrobe assistants, not to mention Photoshop experts! For those days that look like being bad days, read these ten tips on how to feel beautiful, every day:

1. Look in the mirror and smile

First and the easiest tip on how to feel beautiful is to look in the mirror and smile. Everyone looks more beautiful when they smile, so take a look in the mirror and smile. Smiling at yourself, even when you don’t feel like it, will remind you how beautiful you really are. A smile triggers a feeling of happiness in your brain that will help keep that smile in place all day long.

2. Halt the negative thoughts

Another tip on how to feel beautiful is to put the brakes on those negative thoughts about your age or your appearance. No one looks beautiful and at their best, when they are down. So, don’t get trapped by those negative thoughts; think beautiful and you will feel amazing.

3. Check your posture

Come on! Make this little exercise: stand up straight, shoulders back, head held high and smile at the same time. Now, while you are doing this, try to feel bad…Can you?! No. Your posture, especially when combined with a big smile can (even the forced smile will do) can make a big difference to how you feel and, if you stand up straight and tall, you will exude energy, confidence and beauty.

4. Stop focussing on the worst

Here is another tip on how to feel beautiful: don’t get hung up about the one of your features that you don’t like, take a look at all the bits you do like! Don’t obsess about the bulge or the imperfection; you are much more than just that one thing.

5. Think about how your loved ones see you

Take a look at yourself through the eyes of those who are close to you and try to imagine what they see. Your family, your children and your partner, they all see your beauty, and so should you.

6. Don’t try so hard

The natural look is often the most beautiful, so don’t be tempted to try too hard to change how you look. It’s even harder to feel beautiful when you obsess over your appearance, so accept who you are and be proud of it.

7. Be grateful

Being grateful is another good tip on how to feel beautiful. If you take a closer look at the things that you do have in your life, then, any complaints that you might have about your appearance will become very insignificant indeed. There is far more to feeling beautiful than simply how good your hair looks on one particular day.

8. Do a daily workout

Our next tip on how to feel beautiful is to exercise daily. Exercise is a great way to make you feel wonderful, energized and filled with positivity. It will help improve your fitness and improve your own faith in your own body. It will also make you feel more self-confident, and it will improve your posture and your complexion.

9. Be kind

Remember, too, that beauty is more than what people see on the surface, it is also what is in the heart. Show kindness to your friends and family, and show kindness to strangers too. You don’t need supermodel looks to be beautiful, there is far more to beauty than that.

10. Believe that you are beautiful

Even the most beautiful woman in the world could feel bad about her appearance if she didn’t have any self-belief, because it really is a state of mind. Believe in yourself, your inner qualities, as well as your outer appearance, and then, you will feel beautiful every day.

How to feel beautiful, even on the bad days? What are your tips?

Stay happy and beautiful!

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