10 Must Know Tips For Younger Looking Skin

When your skin doesn’t look so great, it generally follows that you don’t feel so great. Not only does your confidence suffer as a result of you looking older than you actually are, but you might feel tired, stressed, and even weak and as though you’re constantly ill.

This is because the rule of thumb is that if your skin is in poor condition, it’s usually reflecting what’s going on inside you. Ergo, if your internal health is not great, your skin will follow suit.

Young, glowing skin, then, is a great indicator that your internal health and wellbeing is fantastic. Once your skin starts to clear up and starts looking young again, you can almost guarantee that you’ll start to feel young and healthy again.

To slow down the ageing process and get your amazing skin back, let’s take a look at 10 must know tips for younger looking skin.

Stay Properly Hydrated

The human body on average is composed of between 50 – 70% water. That’s a lot of H20, and what it means is that your body relies on water to stay in tip top condition. It wants as much water as you can give it!

The problem is that far too few of us get enough water each day, neither through our food or our drink. But if you want your body – and particularly your skin – to always be at it best, you need to consume more water.

Water keeps your skin cells hydrated, smooth, elastic and toned. If you drink a lot of coffee, it’s time to swap this notorious diuretic (basically, coffee will leave you dehydrated) for glasses of water.

Stay Out Of The Sun

Another one of good tips for younger looking skin is to stay out of the sun. Admittedly, this one will be hard to do if you like to sunbathe yourself during the summer months. But too much sun exposure is really bad for your skin, and will leave you looking old way before your time.

If you must stay in the sun a lot, it’s important that you ALWAYS wear protection.

Fix Up Your Diet

Eating healthy diet is another one of useful tips for younger looking skin, because beautiful skin actually starts with what you put into your mouth. If your diet is full of junk, sugars and refined carbohydrates, your skin will start to age much quicker than you’d like.

If, however, you consume a good amount of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, you will be giving your skin the tender love and care it craves (and needs).

You should aim to eat as much nutritious food as you can. You are allowed to have “cheat days” now and then, but 85% of the time you should be aiming to eat food that is organic and healthy.

From now on, you should also seriously think about avoiding processed food. It doesn’t love your skin!

Cut Down On Dairy

One of good tips for younger looking skin is to cut down on dairy products. According to research carried out by the Harvard School of Public Health, teens who drink lots and lots of milk have a 30% better chance of developing acne than those who consume a lot less.

Scientists have not yet confirmed precisely why dairy products are linked to bad skin.

Eliminate Free Radicals From Your Bloodstream

What are free radicals? Free radicals are pests that live inside you. They don’t have a long lifespan, but during their short period on this earth they get through a lot of damage. Super reactive, these molecules are intent on destroying everything from your skin cells to your DNA.

Protecting your skin cells against damage from free radicals is important if you want to stay looking healthy and young. There are preventative measures you can take to reduce their existence, such as avoiding smoking, too much sun exposure, pesticides, pollution and chemically-enhanced beauty products.

You should also pack more antioxidants into your food. The first line of defence against free radicals, you will find antioxidants in fruit and vegetables.

Get More Sleep

Getting more of beauty sleep is another one of good tips for younger looking skin. There is a pretty good reason why it’s called beauty sleep. When you’re snoozing, your body starts to work on repairing and renewing cells – including those all important skin cells.

If you deprive your body of sleep, you will look washed out and pale because you circulation has been lowered.

Avoid Sugar

Avoiding sugar is one of the best tips for younger looking skin. Like many kids in the Western world, I stuffed my face with so much sugar. I’d eat sugary candy bars every single day, binge drink soda pops, and I even laced my morning cereal with the white stuff! I was out of control.

Little did I realise the effects that sugar was having on my fresh, young face!

Sugar increases your blood glucose levels, which in turn promotes inflammation in your skin. Glucose also attaches itself to skin protein, which weakens your defence against attacks from free radicals.

Sugar has also been linked to wrinkles and bags under your eyes.

If you consume too much sugar and are finding it hard to eliminate it from your diet, you could swap it for a healthier alternative, such as honey and dry fruit.

Take A Closer Look At Your Medicine Cabinet

Medicine cabinets can be home to lots of pills and drugs that are actually really bad for your skin. Some antibiotics, oral contraceptives and fertility drugs can lead to breakouts, while antidepressants are notorious for causing dry skin.

Be Less Stressed

This is one of the most hard to follow tips for younger looking skin. Saying “be less stressed” is obviously really easy, but because many of us are more stressed than ever before, actually eliminating stress from our lives is hard. It has to be done, though, if you want better looking skin.

When you are under stress, your levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) rise. This in turn promotes more oil in your body, which creates all kinds of skin issues. Overproduction of cortisol also prevents your skin from repairing itself properly after injury, meaning wounds and cuts take longer to heal.

There are a few ways to reduce stress, some of which I’ve already mentioned. For example, you could cut out sugar, caffeine and smoking, as well as maintain a healthier diet. Sleeping more will also help, as will taking a vacation or simply getting outdoors more often.

Clean Your Makeup Brushes

According to research, many of us are guilty of not washing out or sponges or brushes. Instead, we seem perfectly happy to slosh our faces with dirt and bacteria that has been collecting for months.

You should aim to clean your brushes every fortnight for better skin.

What are your best tips for younger looking skin?

Stay beautiful!

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