10 Tips For Pampering And Preparing Yourself For A Romantic Date With Your Beau

Excited about date night with your partner? Anyone would be. Date night is when the two of you can finally forget about the laundry, the ironing, the cooking and – for some of you – the kids, and just focus on each other.

Whether you’re going to the theatre, a restaurant, or whether you’re staying in with candles, dinner and a movie, you want to look your best for your beau. You want this to be super romantic. As such, there are a few things you should do before date night swings around so that you feel fantastic.

Let’s take a look at 10 tips for pampering and preparing yourself for a romantic date night with your beau.

Prepare In The Shower

To make sure you look beautiful for your man, the best place to start is in the shower. Alternatively, and if you have the time, you could run yourself a warm bubble bath (as a matter of fact, that sounds amazing).

However, for the best results we recommend that you jump in the shower because the heat of the water blasting onto your body will penetrate your skin, creating soft, touchable skin. Lovely.

Bubble baths are a good idea, though, because there is nothing like a good soak to make you feel gorgeous.

Step into your shower or lower yourself into your bath. Then, apply a facial mask – any mask will do, though we recommend an egg mask. Also, it’s a good idea to rub vitamin E onto your face.


Think sleep is for the weak? Think again, because sleep is for beautiful people.

If you live your life at a million miles per hour at the moment and catch just five hours or less of sleep each night, you might be getting more work done. But your body certainly won’t be thanking you for a lack of sleep.

Moreover, you surely won’t be feeling as energetic as you could be.

To make sure there are no reminders on your skin of a lack of sleep (such as dark circles of bags beneath your eyes), and to make sure that you’re focused and ready for a date with your man, improve your sleeping habits before the big night.

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing.

Whiten Your Teeth

Ever since celebrities started whitening their teeth, women everywhere have wanted to get theirs whitened. Whitened teeth improve our confidence and smile, and are essential if you want to feel amazing on date night.

Whitening your teeth doesn’t have to be expensive, and neither do you need to go to your dentist to get it done. You can instead do it at home with whitening strips that will brighten your teeth, making them sparkle just in time for your romantic night out.

Also, in the days before your date, it’s a good idea to cut out foods and drink that are notorious for staining teeth, such as coffee and wine. Rinsing your mouth out with mouthwash will help to remove any dark stains, too.

Apply Spray Tan

If you’re not overly keen on your pale complexion and want a tan for your man, applying a spray tan on your body is the safest way to get darker.

It’s easy too, and doesn’t cost much money.

Be careful not to overdo it, though. Lathering yourself in too much fake tan could spoil your whole evening!

Buy Some Eye Cream

Eye cream is inexpensive and works wonders for your eyes, eradicating puffy circles and any signs of stress, thereby bringing out the best in the windows to your soul.


No one wants to go on a romantic date with their beau feeling gassy and bloated. If you’ve been feeling like a whale recently and want to de-bloat, spend the days before your date detoxifying so that your digestive system doesn’t spring up any nasty surprises.

We all need to detoxify now and then. This is because toxins have a bad habit of finding their way into our system, where they wreak havoc with our digestive system, making us feel bloated.

Fix up your diet in the days leading up to your date. Eat raw foods, avoid junk, and drink detox tea.

Visit A Salon

Tired of the same hair do? Want to impress your man with something different on date night and look extra special? Treat yourself to a new style at your local salon.

If you’re not sure what you want, ask a professional stylist to see what they’d recommend for you.

Visit A Spa

Have you always wanted to visit a spa but always need an excuse? Well, now you have one. To get yourself feeling and looking fresh before your romantic date, treat yourself to a luxurious spa for some serious grooming.

Spa’s are great because they help you to relax and de-stress while also making sure you feel better about yourself, improving your confidence and self-esteem.

They provide other benefits too, such as improved blood pressure and circulation, as well as boosting your complexion. They can also eradicate any pain you’ve been feeling lately.

Buy A New Dress

Provided you’ve still got some money left after a trip to the salon and the spa, you should think about buying yourself an elegant new dress for the date.

New dresses are what makes a date for some of us. As well as being out with our man, we also love to show off our new dress. Browse some online stores to see what’s on offer and buy yourself something you know will make your man go weak at the knees over.


Because you never know where the night is going to take you (!), you need to make sure that you’re well prepared before your date, so that you aren’t caught short.

After all, the last thing you want to do is return to your bedroom with your husband with less-than-desirable skin.

So as part of the preparation process, you should exfoliate.

Exfoliation will leave you with a silky smooth body, eliminating dead skin while boosting your circulation and making sure you feel better about yourself.

Stay beautiful!

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