10 Time saving beauty tips for super busy college students

College is a busy time and often students have to work with a limited budget too. Beauty regimes, then, need to be quick, simple but effective. There’s certainly no time to spend hours in front of a mirror, so check out these ten time saving beauty tips that are just right for busy college students:

1. Get organised

Step one to fast makeup in the morning, is to clear out all the clutter! Throw out all the empty bottles, old brushes and the makeup you never use and leave just the thing you really need; neat, tidy and organised. That way you won’t be hunting through the twenty things you never use, for that one lipstick that you have to have today.

2. Lay out your makeup, the night before

Make up a daily makeup kit of just the essentials and have it ready for the next morning. Not only will it speed up the morning makeup routine, but if you’ve really left it too late, you can grab the bag, run, and do your makeup later.

3. Detangle in the shower

Take a wide toothed comb in the shower with you and, after applying conditioner, run the comb through your hair as you rinse. When you get out, pat your hair dry with a towel and you will avoid the tangles completely.

4. Perfect five minute face

Spending a long time on makeup is probably not going to be an option on most days, so spend some time perfecting your own five minute face, which you can use when you are in a rush. Practice, and find what you are comfortable with, until you have the bare minimum of different products that you can get away with. Most people’s five minute face includes some face powder, mascara, blush, a touch of concealer and a lip gloss.

5. Don’t share lip and eye makeup

Germs can get passed on by sharing makeup, so the sharing of any product that touches the skin directly is not a great idea. Be especially wary of sharing eye makeup and lip products, even when you are really in a hurry.

6. Invest in concealer

Concealer can be a girl’s best friend in college years, so this is the one product that it’s worth spending a bit more money on.  You aren’t going to have time to sit with cucumber slices over your eyes in the morning, but concealer will quickly hide the dark circles under your eyes that have been caused by the late night before.

7. Forget the tweezers

Your brows don’t need plucking every day and, if you make a mistake, you can’t correct it! Shaping your brows just a few times a year will keep them looking smart, that, and the occasional removal of any strays, is all you really need.

8. Use and SPF moisturiser

Buy a moisturiser that has SPF and, moisturise every day. Moisturising will keep your skin smooth and soft, provide the perfect base for your makeup and the SPF will protect your skin from the sun when you are outside.

9. You don’t always need to wash all your hair

When you’ve no time for a shower and a blow dry, you can always just wash your bangs for a quick solution to greasy hair. Section them off from the rest of your hair and give them a rinse with shampoo and water in the sink; quick, simple but, effective.

10. Use multipurpose products

Look for products that will do more than one job, which can save you a lot of time, and money. Tinted moisturiser, for example, can double up for foundation, lipstick for blush and mascara can double as eyebrow gel. Experiment, you’ll be surprised at how few products you can get away with.

What are your favorite beauty tips?

Stay happy!

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