10 Great beauty hacks that will save you time

It’s not that often that you get time to languish in front of a mirror perfecting your look and, more often than not, your beauty regime is something that you want to get through as quickly as possible. For days that you are in a rush, which is probably most days, what you need are some beauty tips and advice that will help you look great, but that won’t take an age to do. So, leave the experimenting until you do have more time on your hands, and read these ten great beauty hacks that will save you time and get you out the front door faster in the mornings.

1. Plan ahead

Planning your outfits the night before will save you heaps of time the following morning. You’ll also get a lot more time to do things like choosing the right shoes and jewellery. If you work out in advance what lipstick, eyeshadow and other makeup you are going to use as well, your mornings are guaranteed to go a lot more smoothly.

2. Learn to love dry shampoo

If you haven’t yet tried it, then give dry shampoo a go, because it can save you some precious time in the mornings. It’s better for your hair, if you don’t shampoo every single day, because, if you do, you will strip out all the natural oils from your hair and it could become dry and brittle. Dry shampoo solves that problem for you. Your hair will look great, but it won’t take any time at all get it looking that way. If you don’t have a dry shampoo at hand, you can always use small amount of rice flower for the same purpose.

3. Skip the fine lines

Possibly one of the fiddliest and most time consuming parts of a morning routine is applying eyeliner, so why not skip that altogether and go for a look that doesn’t need any eyeliner at all. If you use purple mascara, for example, you won’t really need eyeliner to make your eyes pop. Even a smokey eye can look great without eyeliner, if you use a dark enough pigment of eyeshadow.

4. Fix flyways fast

If you ever get that sinking feeling, when you’ve got hair just right and then you notice those little wispy strands of hair that just won’t lie flat, here’s a quick and easy solution to that problem. Instead of starting all over again, just take a clean, dry toothbrush, spray a bit of hairspray on it and then you can smooth down those fly-away strands with it in no time at all.

5. Beat puffy eyes before they even happen

Who’s got time for laying around with slices of cucumber on their eyes at 6.00am on a weekday morning! It’s much faster if you stop puffy eyes from happening in the first place and you can easily do that by just propping your head up on an extra pillow when you go to bed. By doing that, you will help fluids drain away from under your eyes while you sleep.

6. Use tinted moisturiser to replace foundation and bronzer

When you can make one product do the job of two, you know you on to a winning time saving beauty tip. Some of the top makeup artists recommend using a tinted moisturiser as a way to give your skin a warmer look. Try replacing foundation and bronzer with a tinted moisturiser that is just a shade darker than your own skin tone and see what you think.

7. Colour your eyes and your cheeks with the same product

If you choose the right shade, there is no reason why you can’t use the same product on both your eyes and your cheeks. Blushes and eyeshadows can do double duty and save you time messing around with two different products. Just be sure to choose a shade that will give your cheeks a warm look and still look great in your eyes.

8. Don’t be too fussy with your lips

You can get too fussy with your lips and waste a lot of time with primers, liners, balms and gloss. When you are in a rush, try using a moisturising lip colour balm. It’s an all in one product that will be easy to apply, but will still give your lips colour and sheen.

9. Curl lashes quicker

To curl your eyelashes quickly, all you need to do is warm your eyelash curlers with the hair dryer first. Not only it will make it easier to curl your lashes, the curl will last for longer too. Just be sure not make them so hot that you burn yourself.

10. Organise your makeup

We should have really put this as the number one tip! Stop wasting all that time hunting through empty bottles and dried up product that you are never going to use again. Have a good clear out of your makeup and organise what you are left with so that you lay your hands on just what you want, when you want it.

What are your favourite time saving beauty tips and tricks?

Stay beautiful!

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