10 Summer beauty dos and don’ts you need to be aware about

The days are longer, the weather is warmer and everything seems brighter and more alive. Summertime is here again, so get out the bright clothes, the summer sandals and get out and enjoy yourself. It’s been a year though, since summer was last here, so here’s a reminder of the some of the beauty dos and don’ts to think about in the summer months:

1. Don’t forget to keep your makeup cool or, otherwise, it can be turned into a gooey mess

Remember last year, when your makeup turned into a gooey mess in your handbag? Yes, makeup melts, so keep yours in a cool place during the summer to keep it good condition.

2. Do wear sunscreen to protect your skin from aging 

You don’t have to be sitting on the beach in the sun to damage your skin. Protect your skin by applying sunscreen every day and don’t forget to reapply it on especially bright and sunny days. Remember, too, that sunscreen should be applied before moisturiser and any makeup to get the maximum protection.

3. Follow the rule ‘less is more’ and don’t wear heavy foundation

Heavy, cream based foundation is too much in hot weather. It will make your face sweat and turn the foundation into a sticky mess. Use a tinted moisturiser instead; it will be far lighter and is much better suited to the hot weather.

4. Do get a pedicure before you expose your toes to the world

Summer season is sandal season, so don’t forget that your feet are going to be on display. A pedicure is a must, before you expose your toes to the world.

5. Don’t wear heavy eyeshadows and mascara, if you want to avoid the raccoon look

Just curling your lashes with an eyelash curler will probably do in the summer and, if you do wear eye makeup, keep it light and keep it waterproof. You don’t want be getting the raccoon look.

6. Take sun protection seriously and do apply sunscreen before you put on any clothes

Standing in front of a mirror, naked, will ensure that you don’t miss any spots, when you put on the sunscreen. Give the sunscreen 15 minutes to dry, before getting dressed, and your clothes won’t rub it off at the edges.

7. Don’t forget to hydrate yourself and carry a bottle of water everywhere you go

Don’t get caught out without a drink. Always take a bottle of water with you, everywhere you go. Make sure you stay hydrated in the hot weather, because good hydration is a must if you want to keep your skin and hair looking healthy.

8. Do protect your hair and scalp

The sun can damage your hair, as well as your skin. Protect your hair and your scalp from the sun by wearing a hat, whenever you are in the sun for a long time.

9. Don’t forget to wash the chlorine or salt from your hair

Enjoy the sea or the pool, but always remember to rinse out your hair afterwards. Use the public showers for a quick rinse, when you get out of the water, and brush your hair through with a detangling brush.

10. Do have fun!

Don’t be put off having fun by all the warnings that you read about being in the sun. There’s more than enough time in the winter to cover up and wear dull colors, so put on your brightest clothes, get out and enjoy yourself. Just a few simple precautions are all you need.

Are there any other summer beauty dos and don’ts that you would like to share?

Feel free to leave a comment with your best summer beauty tips.

Stay beautiful and happy!

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  1. janeleonard
    June 28, 2014 at 12:11 pm

    Going for a heavy makeup can really be harmful under the sun. Moreover always keeping light can get away form sweats and retains good look.

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