10 Simple bedtime beauty tips for a gorgeous you

Is all that people say about beauty sleep just a myth, or could there actually be some truth in it? A good night’s sleep has now been proven to have beauty benefits. In a study conducted by the University Hospital Case Medical Centre, researchers discovered that people who don’t get enough sleep do age faster and a lack of sleep really can put lines and wrinkles on your face. It’s at night time, when you are asleep, that the body does a lot of its repair work, so the more help you can give it, the better the night-time results will be. Read on, and you will find ten simple things that you can do to make the most of your beauty sleep.

1. Go to bed at a decent hour!

We don’t mean to sound like your mother, but the amount of sleep that you get at night really does make a huge difference to how you will look the next morning. If you don’t get to bed at a sensible hour, and get your recommended eight hours of sleep, then you there’s a very good chance that you will wake up with pale skin and dark circles under your eyes.

2. Remove all your makeup and wash your face

Always remove all traces of makeup before you go to bed and wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser. Early morning panda eyes will never look great and, more importantly, if you leave your makeup on, all the bacteria that you have picked up on your skin during the day will stay there and do its very best to infect your skin and your eyes during the night.

3. Use clean, silk or satin, pillow cases

Change to silk or satin pillow cases and change them regularly. Silk pillow cases may be a little bit more expensive than regular ones, but they are so much better for both your skin and your hair. Because they are smoother, your skin won’t get crumpled while you sleep, and your hair won’t get so tangled and frizzy. Change your pillow cases regularly too, or you will be sleeping on a bacteria infected pillow all night long!

4. Try to sleep on your back

Now, this one can be tricky, if you don’t already do it, but sleeping on your back will help keep your face wrinkle free. If you sleep on your front and you bury your head in your pillow, that will cause your skin to scrunch up and, in the long run, it will cause wrinkles to form on your skin, and we mean wrinkles of the permanent kind.

5. Get a humidifier

Central heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer suck all the moisture out of the air. If you have a humidifier switched on in your bedroom, it will put back the moisture into the air and that will stop your skin drying out and flaking.

6. Moisturise before you go to bed

Night time is the best time for your moisturiser to do its job and, while you are fast asleep, it can get on with penetrating deep down into your skin, hydrating and nourishing it. Apply a good moisturiser to your face and neck and you will wake up with soft, plump skin.

7. Stop puffy eyes 

If you keep waking up with swollen, puffy eyes, here are a couple of tips that will solve that for you. Firstly, just add another pillow to your bed, so that you raise your head up higher when you sleep. That will help the fluids drain away from your eyes. The second thing you could do is to check the ingredients in your eye cream. The best thing for puffy eyes is a cream that contains caffeine, because that helps the fluids moving better.

8. Soften your feet with sweet almond oil

To avoid getting hard, dry skin on your feet, massage in some sweet almond oil before you go to bed and put on a pair of socks. The socks will keep the moisture locked in and the sweet almond oil will be able to deep down moisturise your feet.

9. Lengthen your lashes while you sleep

If you are trying to grow your lashes and make them thicker, then apply a light coating of castor oil on them at bedtime and leave it on overnight. Castor oil is rich in omega-6 fatty acids, which help to stop your lashes breaking, and it hydrates them.

10. Use dry shampoo if you need to

If you know that you will not get enough time in the morning to shampoo your hair, then apply your dry shampoo before you go to bed. Dry shampoo works a lot better if it has all night to work on your hair. If you want to use a natural alternative to dry shampoo, then you can try rice flour, which works just as good.

Stay beautiful!

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