10 Reasons why you should be proud and love your small breast size

Do you sigh deeply when you see some celebrity’s just as deep cleavage? Do you sometimes wonder what it would be like if your breasts were big and envy your better-endowed girlfriends? We bet you do, if your bra size is the first letter of the alphabet. But are you right to suffer? Nope. Small boobs are often better than big ones and here’s why:

1. You can enjoy more sports 

DDs were not meant to participate in playing volleyball. In fact, some proud owners of the cup size that so many of us dream of admit that sports like volleyball are impossible for them. It’s easy to see why – they can’t put their hands together. Also, think about jogging with big boobs.

2. Bras are cheaper

It’s a simple rule of quantity, after all; the more fabric you use, the more money you ask for it. Plus we dare to say variety in bra models is greater in the smaller boob department, though this doesn’t, of course, mean that ladies with big breasts have to choose between a couple of boring old bras.

3. You can sleep on your stomach

OK, this is not a universal issue encountered by owners of DDs but it’s common enough. Basically, it means that with your small boobs you have one more sleep position to choose from, and many are of the opinion that it is the best sleeping position. By the way, you may get to experience what big-breasted women experience when you get pregnant and then breastfeed. Enjoy it while it lasts, or don’t. Many don’t.

4. You get a smaller area to massage and moisturise

Breasts need care and care takes time. If you’re an A or a B, it will take less time, than if you’re a D; it’s as simple as that. If you value your time and prefer to spend it in ways different from rubbing cocoa butter into your breasts, be proud  of your small ones.

5. You have classic breasts

Honestly, how many famous paintings can you think of with big-breasted women? The appeal of the huge boobs seems to be a very modern concept. The ancients knew better, they knew that quantity is not the same as quality. Remember the legend that the wide champagne glass was modelled on Marie Antoinette’s breasts?

6. Gravity is gentler

This is perhaps the major beauty advantage of small breasts and we sincerely feel for the ladies with Ds who need to make twice as many efforts to preserve their good breast looks. Gravity is a simple force: it pulls things down, closer to the ground. The heavier this something is, the sooner it will give in to gravity. Do you see what we’re getting at? With small boobs a bra around the clock is not a necessity.

7. Your back doesn’t hurt

Well, it might, if you have some health problem with your spine, but the point is that small boobs don’t weigh on it. You think we’re exaggerating? Nope. Some among us who have experienced the joys of motherhood say that the worst experience was, when those small boobs got filled up with milk and started straining their backs. Seriously.

8. You get a better view of your feet

That’s in case you like to look at your feet, of course, and in case you like tying your shoes to be a fast, easy job. It’s like men with sixpacks with the major difference that big breasts are immeasurably more attractive than a sixpack, of course. Still, life’s easier with the A cup.

9. You don’t get stains you can’t see

Again, it has to do with the view from above but in a more embarrassing way. Big-breasted ladies have shared how infuriating it can be to get a food stain below the rack and not be able to see it until much later. This is NOT to say that big-breasted women eat more messily, this is to say that when you get a stain on your abdomen you’ll be able to see it immediately, that’s all.

10.  It’s easier to go from small to big

It’s bit like being short versus being tall: a short woman can get on high heels and get a sense of what it’s like to be tall. The other way round is impossible, unfortunately. Unless we’re talking about cosmetic surgery, and we’re not; it’s easier to get big boobs (although for a little while, we admit) than shed the extra tissue you don’t want. How? See above – have a baby.

All breast sizes are beautiful, so long as you love and accept yourself just the way you are. At the end of the day, if all of us were the same, life would be extremely boring, wouldn’t it?!

Can you think of any other benefits of small breasts?

Stay beautiful!

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