10 Reasons why beautiful lipstick can turn your entire day around

Even when in a rush to get out, many girls will go without some makeup products, but they’d never go without their lipstick. So what it is about lipstick that makes it that special? The idea of lipstick began in ancient times when women would stain their lips with fruit and plant juices and then, it grew into the modern makeup product that we know and love today. Lipstick now is far more than a mere cosmetic enhancement, it can change the way that we feel. Here are ten reasons why wearing beautiful lipstick can turn around your whole day.

1. Your confidence will be sky high

Women don’t wear lipstick just to look more attractive to men; they wear it because they want to, and because it makes them feel good. When you are wearing great lipstick, and you know it, it can make you feel on top of the world and super-confident, and other people will feel it straight away.

2. It makes you pay more attention to what you are wearing too

Once you’ve swiped on some beautiful lipstick you are going to want everything else to look perfect too. You will pay more attention the outfit you chose and make sure that it compliments your lips. You will also take the time to make sure that your hair and the rest of your makeup is just right as well.

3. It will make you look more powerful

When you are wearing perfect lipstick, people will take you more seriously. Great lips are the makeup equivalent of power dressing. People will sit up and listen when you have something to say, when you are wearing beautiful lipstick.

4. You will feel a bond with other women wearing lipstick

Wearing great lipstick will mean you are joining a club of beautiful lipstick wearers and you will find that you are drawn to other people who take good care of their lips. You might even find that you develop a new circle of friends.

5. It shows that you care

The fact that you have taken the time to get great lips will show other people that you are a person who cares about their appearance. This tells people that you will be conscientious about other things too, so it’s a great way to make an impression at a meeting or at a job interview.

6. It can pick you up when you are having a bad day

Fantastic lipstick can also be the perfect remedy for a tough day. When things don’t seem to be going your way, one look in the mirror, and your confidence and determination will be restored, and you will be ready to go back and fight the next round.

7. It becomes your signature

People will come to recognise you by your perfect lipstick and it will be as distinctive as a signature scent. It will make people notice you and you will definitely stand out above the rest of the crowd.

8. It makes you feel like a celebrity

For those of you who don’t wear lipstick every day, the occasional day of wearing beautiful lipstick will make you feel like a celebrity for the day. Everyone you meet will wonder what the special occasion is and they will ask why you are looking so great today.

9. You will get more compliments

There’s something strange about great lipstick that it just seems to get noticed. Some people may not even be able to put their finger on what looks great about you, but many will compliment you on how wonderful you look.

10. It can hide the sins of the night before

If you had a late night the night before, then beautiful lipstick will instantly brighten up your face and take all the attention away from your tired eyes. Great lipstick will make you look confident and beautiful, whatever you are really feeling like and, wearing it, just makes everyone feel good.

Do you like to wear lipstick on a daily basis?

Stay beautiful!

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