10 Reasons Every Girl Should Have Witch Hazel in Her Beauty Box

Witch hazel, which is a plant that is found in North America and some parts of Asia, has so many beauty uses that it really should be in every girl’s beauty box. Witch hazel can kill bacteria, it’s an astringent, it’s an antioxidant, and that’s just a few of the amazing properties of this incredible plant. If you don’t have any with hazel at home, here are ten things that you can use witch hazel for that will make you want to get some right away.

1.Witch hazel treats acne

If you have been looking for an effective acne treatment that doesn’t dry out your skin, then you should be taking a closer look at watch hazel. Use witch hazel twice a day on your skin and it will fight bacteria, reduce excess oil and help to close up your pores. It’s one of the best natural acne remedies that you can get.

2. It reduces puffiness under the eyes

Witch hazel is very effective for getting rid of bags under the eyes. Soak two cotton wool pads in witch hazel and then squeeze them out, so you don’t get any witch hazel in your eyes. Sit back, place the pads under your eyes, and leave them there for ten minutes. When you remove the cotton wool pads, you will find that the puffiness under the eyes has reduced.

3. Witch hazel soothes razor burns

When you shave, the razor can irritate the skin and irritate the hair follicles, but you can soon soothe that with witch hazel. If you do get razor burn, apply some with witch hazel to the affected area and it will reduce the inflammation, stop itching, and it will prevent any infection.

4. Use witch hazel as a facial cleanser

Witch hazel makes a very effective facial cleaner that will reduce excess oil and clean away dirt and grime. If you remove your makeup first and then use witch hazel as a cleanser, it will clean any last traces of makeup off of your skin, reduce oiliness and it will close up your pores.

5. Treat minor cuts and abrasions with witch hazel

Even the smallest cuts and abrasions can become infected, but witch hazel will kill any germs and help a minor wound heal faster. Apply witch hazel to a cut or a scrape and it will clean the wound and prevent any infection setting in.

6. Witch hazel soothes sunburn

Sunburn can be incredibly painful and, if left untreated, it can become infected. While we all know that you shouldn’t let yourself get sunburned at all, it can happen, but if you have witch hazel in your beauty box, you will have a quick way to soothe it. Soak a clean cloth in witch hazel and lay it on the sunburned skin and it will soothe the pain and fight infection. You should only use home remedies for minor sunburn. If you have severe sunburn, you should consult your doctor.

7. Witch hazel helps heal bruises

If you bang your shin, you can make bruises fade faster with witch hazel. Simply hold a piece of gauze soaked in witch hazel over the bruise for five minutes and it will fade the bruise, reduce inflammation and ease the pain.

8. Witch hazel keeps the bugs away

Witch hazel works well as a natural insect repellent, so rub a little into your skin before you go out in the countryside and it will keep the bugs away. But in case you do still happen to get bitten or stung, if you apply witch hazel directly to the bite or sting, it will relieve the pain and reduce the inflammation. It also works well on poison ivy and poison oak.

9. Treat varicose veins

Large varicose veins will need to be treated by a doctor, but witch hazel will reduce the appearance of varicose veins very quickly, so you can use this if you are about to go out and you want to lessen the appearance of varicose veins. Soak a cloth in witch hazel and hold it over the affected area for about ten minutes and it will reduce the puffiness of the veins and make them less noticeable.

10. Witch hazel helps shrinks pores

Visible pores are a very common beauty problem, but can be combatted with witch hazel. If you use witch hazel on your skin regularly, its astringent effect will close up the pores and make them a lot less visible. In time, you will find that your skin looks a lot smoother. You can also use witch hazel as a skin pick-me-up during the day. Just mix a few drops of your favourite essential oil with witch hazel in a spray bottle and you can freshen up whenever you need to.

Do you know other uses and benefits of witch hazel?

Stay beautiful!

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