10 Oriental beauty secrets

The ladies of the orient are renowned for their flawless, natural beauty and elegance and some of the biggest beauty trends in recent years have originated in the East. One of the things that make Eastern beauty regimes so different to those of the West is that they often involve many different stages and they are followed to the letter every single day. Many of the skin care and hair care rituals that are followed have been around for centuries and are only just beginning to be recognised in the West, so let’s take a look at ten of those wonderful oriental beauty secrets.

1. Mung Bean face masks

The Chinese empresses used a mung bean face mask to treat acne and puffy skin. The mask is made by grinding mung beans to a paste and then simply applying it to the face and leaving it to sit for a while. Today, you can make your own mung bean face mask by buying mung bean powder and mixing it with some natural yoghurt.

2. Rice water skin toner

To help them keep their porcelain smooth complexion, oriental women use simple rice water as a skin toner. To make this, you soak some unpolished rice in water until the water begins to look milky and then apply the water to your face with some cotton wool. If you keep the rice water in a refrigerator, it will last for up to four days.

3. Use oil instead of a facial cleanser

Rather than shying away from oil based products as people in the West do, using oil as a cleanser is very popular in many parts of Asia. When you use natural oils on your skin, it lifts makeup, dirt and grime really easily, and it doesn’t dry out your skin at all.

4. They never use 2-in-1 products

While in the West, women love to find products that can do double duty, the ladies of the East only ever use a product for anything other than exactly what it was intended for. Their daily beauty regime consists of many different steps and they preform it as you would a ritual, never skipping any of the stages.

5. Skin brushing

As a part of their daily beauty routine, oriental women brush their face with a dry brush to keep their skin well-toned. This brushing promotes better blood flow to the skin and it is also said to make your skin more receptive to the lotions and serums that they apply after the brushing.

6. They always make sure they are asleep between 11pm and 2am

Some of the beauty tips from China and the surrounding countries are based on ancient beliefs and traditional Chinese medicine. One of these that are still followed by oriental ladies today is that the best time to sleep is between the hours of 11pm and 2am. It is believed that this is the time that the liver releases toxins from the body and this helps prevent wrinkles and skin blemishes. What is known for sure is that keeping to a regular sleep pattern does help keep you healthy, so there is probably more to this than you might have thought.

7. Camellia nut oil

Camellia nut oil is oil that you will find being used for beauty in many Asian countries. It is harvested from the nuts of the Camellia shrub, which is better known for its beautiful flower, and it is used for both skin and hair treatments. When used on the skin, it is absorbed very easily because it is very similar in composition to our own natural oils. It is also said to promote hair growth and Asian women use it as a leave in conditioner.

8. They have regular facials

Regular facials are a big thing in the East and the Women of Korea spend a large part of their income on having a professional facial at least every other week. It was in Japan, that facial masks were invented too. The original masks were made of kimono silk, which had been soaked in the essence of special flowers and herbs.

9. They have regular massages

Women in Western countries tend to think of a trip to a spa as being a treat, but for the Eastern girls, it is a regular part of their beauty regime. As well as the facials that we mentioned, they also have regular massages and they are great believers in the power of reflexology.

10. They trust nature

The overriding principal behind all oriental beauty treatments is that it is based on natural products. You will find very few Asian cosmetics that contain a long list of chemicals. What you will find are natural ingredients because the women believe that what nature produces is far better for them than what could ever be produced in a laboratory.

Stay beautiful!

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