10 Old beauty standards, it’s hard to believe were real

How the times change! We all know that fashions and trends change over the years and it’s difficult to keep up with what’s in and what’s out, but you’d have thought that the basics of what people consider to be beautiful would stay the same. It turns out that is not the case and that beauty standards have changed considerably over the years. We tend to think that today’s beauty standards have been with us forever, but it’s not so many years ago that things were very different. Here are ten old beauty standards from the past that you will find hard to believe.

1. Hairy legs and armpits

The fashion for having smooth, hair free legs and armpits, is only a relatively new innovation. Shaving for girls didn’t become popular until the 20th century and, prior to that, things were left to grow wild! It was actually the razor blade companies that first introduced shaving for women, purely as a way to increase their sales.

2. Twelve inch waistlines

In Victorian times, women took the fashion for a slim waist to almost impossible extremes. They crammed themselves into tight corsets to try and get their waist down to twelve inches and it wasn’t unusual for women to faint from the effort or to even break a rib or two, while strapping themselves into their corsets.

3. Moles

In the 1700’s facial moles was the in-thing. For those girls who were not fortunate enough to have their own oversized mole, there were stick-on moles that were on sale. These beauty spots came in all shapes and sizes; you could get moons, stars, hearts and some girls went for even more intricate designs, such as a horse and carriage.

4. Hair down under

It wasn’t long ago at all, that a bikini wax was virtually unheard of. It’s only in the last thirty years or so that pubic hair has been seen as being unfeminine. In the 60’s and 70’s a shaved, you know what, would have been thought to be a very strange thing indeed, and even girls in glamour magazines had a full bush of pubic hair.

5. Who needs to shower?

Queen Elizabeth the 1st was once fabled to have said that she always took a bath, at least four times a year, whether she needed one or not. Before baths and showers were widely available in homes, women used to pile on perfume to keep smelling sweet. Even in the 50’s and 60’s a daily shower was unheard of and a weekly bath was more the norm.

6. Pale skin was in

We know the dangers of too much tanning today, but before the tan fad of the 1970’s, pale skin was definitely the in thing. In the 1900’s, a suntan was a sign of a manual labourer who worked all day in the fields, so ladies of the day went to great lengths to show how pale their skin was. Some would draw purple veins onto their skin in an effort to prove they had no tan.

7. Straight hair was an abomination

Hair straighteners are a pretty new idea too. From the 1950’s, women went out of their way to curl their hair, so in came hair rollers and perms. Back then, a weekly trip to the hairdressers for a trim and an hour or so sat in curlers under a hairdryer, was needed to keep their sculptured hairstyle, looking good.

8. Dimples

Dimples were cute in the 1930’s and 1940’sand every self-respecting woman yearned for dents in their cheeks! So much so that someone even invented a dimple making machine that looked like something that came out of a torture chamber!

9. Untamed eyebrows

The fashion for trimming eyebrows has come and gone several times through the course of recent history. In the early 20th century, it was the movie starlets who brought eyebrow trimming into vogue, but in the 1950’s, untamed brows came back in again. Now we might be turning full circle on with eyebrows, yet again, with the uni-brow making a showing at some fashion shows recently.

10. Trimming eyelashes

To think that you spend all that time applying mascara or false eyelashes to make your lashes look long and beautiful. In the 19th century, women used to trim their lashes to make them shorter! Then, they would finish them off with a dab of olive oil, to give their lashes some shine.

Stay beautiful!

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