10 New must-know beauty hacks you need to try

There’s a flood of all-new or just well forgotten beauty tips pouring over us constantly. Some of this stuff is good, some seems easy but turns out disastrous when you try it at home. Here are ten easy to use beauty hacks to use in your beauty routine:

1. Use moisturiser to lighten your foundation

It can happen to anyone – the foundation looks exactly right for you at the shop but later turns out to be a shade or even a couple of shades too dark for your skin. Don’t worry, just add a bit of moisturiser and it will help lighten it.

2. Foundation tones down blush

If you have overdone the blush and have no time to clean it up and start all over again, just use a bit of foundation to tone it down. Makeup artists say the effect will be even better this way than with blush alone. If you’re fresh out of foundation, use concealer instead, but make sure to use product of the same nature and consistency as your blush: use powder foundation if your blush is powder-blush, or use creamy foundation if you use cream blush.

3. Use the concealer over a wider area

Usually, when we want to mask the insomniac bags under our eyes, we tend to apply it strictly over that limited area where the bags are. Actually, the effect will be better if you contour with the concealer the sort of triangular area between the outer end of your eye, the base of your nose and the middle of your cheek. Try it, we’re sure you’ll love the effect!

4. Remove your makeup with olive oil

It’s cheaper than makeup removers and it’s better for your skin, as it not only cleanses but also nourishes it. Use it the same way, as you would use a regular makeup remover. You could also rub olive oil into makeup-free skin too, instead of cream. If you don’t have olive oil, try coconut oil, it works just as well!

5. Use vinegar instead of conditioner

Vinegar, especially apple vinegar, has been used for ages to soften hair, so while it’s not a new beauty hack, it needs a revival. The softening effect comes from the acid and it also adds strength and shine to your locks.

6. Treat your hair to a cocoa butter mask

If you have weak, fine hair, develop a weekly routine of cocoa butter masks. Apply the butter, rub into scalp and hair, let it stay half an hour, wash. In fact, you can use cocoa butter on all types of hair – it strengthens it, preventing hair loss, and lends it additional shine.

7. Deep cleanse your lips with a toothbrush

Yes, you can use your toothbrush not only on your teeth, granted it’s not the hard-bristled type and brand new. Just apply olive oil to your lips and go over it with the same circular movements you use for brushing your teeth to get rid of dead skin cells and improve the blood circulation in your lips.

8. Add blush or eyeshadow to your lipstick

Apart from a voluminous, matte finish, applying a blush or eyeshadow on top of your lipstick will make your lipstick last longer, so use it for special events. Use the same or pretty close shade of blush or eyeshadow and apply gently over the lipstick using your finger. It’s easy and it works!

9. Use baking soda as exfoliant

It’s harmless and very effective as exfoliant. Make a paste of baking soda and water, and rub it in gently. Rinse. Baking soda can also be used in place of toothpaste, by the way – it cleanses the teeth just as well, whitens them and freshens up your breath.

10. Slap, don’t rub

Cream, moisturiser, foundation, whatever you usually rub into your face, start slapping it on instead. Of course, this doesn’t mean putting huge amounts, it means a different application technique, which ensures even and more sparing distribution of whatever it is you’re putting on your face.

With all these tips at your disposal, don’t forget the best one: smile and be happy!

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