10 Natural beauty tips on how to get clear skin

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have flawless skin; skin that has no pimples, no blemishes and skin that is always glowing and healthy looking? Some women spend fortunes on expensive skin care products and are still not happy with the results, but the secret to beautiful skin can lie, not in man-made chemicals, but in natural products and in taking care of your skin. Skin problems can vary with the type of skin, but the basics are the same for everyone. Be kind to your skin by eating a healthy diet, keep it well hydrated and don’t use harsh chemicals on it. That way, your skin will look better and stay looking young for longer. Here are ten tips on how to get clear skin, the natural way.

1. Eat fresh food and drink lots of water

What you eat and drink can have a major impact on your skin. So, our first tip on how to get clear skin is simple: eat fresh, wholesome produce, avoid fast food and drink lots and lots of water. A diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, lean meat and fish and limited amounts of salt, sugar and artificial additives, will give your skin the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and glowing and the water will help to keep your skin hydrated and flush out toxins from your body. You can also substitute usual table salt with hymalayan or sea salt, and instead of sugar you can use maple syrup, coconut sugar or raw honey, which are a lot healthier for you.

2. Avoid too much sun

Getting some sun on your skin is good for you, because it provides you with vitamin D, but the effects of too much sun on the skin are well known. Use sunscreen whenever you know that you will be in the sun for any length of time and, on very sunny days, wear a hat to protect your skin. Overexposure to sunlight causes skin cancer and premature ageing, so it’s really not worth taking a risk.

3. Always remove makeup at night

This is one of those pieces of advice that you know is right, but that you probably sometimes ignore! However tired you are at night, always remove all your makeup and cleanse your face thoroughly with a cleanser. If you don’t, the makeup, and all the accumulated dirt and bacteria, will sit on your face on all night long and clog up your pores.

4. Don’t use harsh soaps on your face

Another useful tip on how to get clear skin is to avoid using harsh soaps on your face. Standard household soap, for example, is far too harsh to use on your face, so always use a gentle cleanser when you wash your face at night and in the mornings. Choose a cleanser that is made from natural ingredients and, to help keep acne at bay, choose a cleanser that has up to two percent salicylic acid in it.

5. Think about what spreads bacteria

Following sensible hygiene precautions will also help prevent breakouts and keep your skin clear. Wash your makeup brushes regularly, so that dirt and bacteria do not build up in them, and change your pillow cases regularly too. Also, try not to touch your face with your hands during the day, or you will just be transferring dirt and germs from your hands onto your face.

6. Exfoliate your skin

Next tip on how to get clear skin is to never forget how important exfoliation is for the health of your skin. Periodic exfoliating with natural ingredients like lentil powder, orange peel or oatmeal, will remove dead skin cells and clean out the pores. It allows the new, fresh skin to come to the surface and it also makes it easier for your moisturising products to sink deeper into the skin.

7. Use the power of lemon juice

Lemon juice is brimming with ingredients that will cleanse your face, tone the skin and kill bacteria. You can apply a mixture of one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice, one tablespoon of honey and one tablespoon of sour cream to your face, leave it for on for ten minutes and then rinse off and moisturise your skin, or you can add lemon juice to a moisturising face mask made of mashed up avocado.

8. Moisturise with honey

Next natural tip on how to get clear skin is to use raw honey, which is a naturally balanced moisturiser that can safely be used on all skin types; it also has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties as well. You can use honey on its own as a face mask, or you could mix it with milk or natural yogurt to make it a little less sticky. Use honey once a week on your face and you will soon be able to see a difference in your skin.

9. Clear up skin with turmeric

Another one of nature’s great skin care products is turmeric. Mix turmeric to a paste with plain yogurt and mashed banana, apply it your face and leave it on for ten minutes. Turmeric fights infection, it reduces inflammation and it can also help scars to heal too.

10. Tone your skin with apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has many properties that will help you get clear skin fast. It’s a bit too strong to use undiluted, so mix it with an equal quantity of water first and then rinse your face with the diluted mixture. Apple cider vinegar will help to clear up pimples, reduce the appearance of age spots and scars and it will freshen up the skin beautifully.

What are your favourite natural beauty tips on how to get clear skin?

Stay beautiful!

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