Every girl wants to have soft and beautiful skin; hair removal can greatly help us achieve this desired “smoothness perfection”. Today, let’s look at some of the most common hair removal mistakes, avoiding which will save you plenty of time and energy:

1) Ingrown hair

Ingrown hair can appear after shaving or waxing. How to avoid this unwanted problem? Make sure to regularly exfoliate your skin, because this is one of the best “cures” from ingrown hair! If you already have some ingrown hair – gently rub that area with a scrub, it will help get rid of dead cells, accumulated on the surface of your skin, preventing ingrown hairs from reappearing. Also, make sure to gently exfoliate your skin before shaving or waxing.

2) Dull blade shaving

Shaving your legs with dull razor can bring more problems, than good. Not only it can cause an after shave redness and bumps, but also, dull blade shaving won’t get you that close and smooth shave you desire. Therefore, make sure to replace your blade, at least, after 4 uses or, some experts even recommend to throw your razor blade away after every shave.

3) Shaving after a hot bath

When we soak in a hot tub, warm water makes our legs slightly puff and swell, which can hide our hairs a little bit and prevent us from getting that close, smooth shave we want. Therefore, if you love shaving, while taking a hot shower or a bath, make sure to do it in the first 5 or 10 minutes.

4) Skipping shaving cream

Shaving cream can make the biggest difference in your hair removal process, making your skin look soft, smooth and irritatons-free. If you don’t have your shaving cream at hand, you can simply use olive oil or hair conditioner instead, both of these can successfully “pretend” to be your shaving cream and do the job even better, than the real product.

5) Chemical exfoliation prior to waxing

Avoid using chemical exfoliating products before waxing, because these can make your skin very vulnerable and sensitive, so that harsh waxing can damage it, ripping off top layers of your skin together with the hair. Stop using all chemical exfoliation products, at least, one week prior to waxing.

6) Shaving dry skin

Never shave dry skin, because it can lead to the appearance of undesirable ingrown hairs, razor burns and various irritations. Make sure to wet your skin with warm water prior to shaving, it will help soften it for more clean and precise shave.

7) Shaving against hair growth

Try to always shave in the same direction, as your hair is growing, it will help you avoid ingrown hairs, razor burns and bumps.

8) Not rinsing the razor between strokes

Make sure to rinse your blade between every stroke, this will ensure closer and more even shave.

9) Shaving with cold water

It’s preferable to use warm water when you shave, it will make your skin softer and will make your shaving easier. If you shave with cold water, you can easily miss certain spots (which can be very embarrassing) and you can even cut yourself.

10) Missing certain areas

Once you’ve finished shaving, run your fingers over your legs to locate the areas that you’ve probably missed. Some of these areas might include your knees, the bridge of your foot, probably, over your toes and ankles.

I hope you’ve found these shaving and waxing tips useful.

What are, on your opinion, some other common hair removal mistakes? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.

Stay beautiful!


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