10 Modern beauty and fashion trends we wish would disappear

Fashion is a funny thing, isn’t it? One minute something’s hot, and the next it’s SO not. We look to fashion magazines and moguls alike to tell us what we should be wearing season after season, and how we should be painting our faces. Fashion and beauty trends are there to inspire and encourage us to explore perspective, and challenge the status quo. It’s cool to be on trend and of course we all strive to look our best, but there are a few recent trends that have left us scratching our heads. Read on for a run-down of the beauty and fashion trends we think should disappear back from whence they came.

Clear Perspex straps on shoes

Or even worse, COMPLETELY CLEAR PERSPEX SHOES. This is one fashion trend that we at Beauty and Tips just cannot forgive. For those of you lucky enough to have never come across such monstrosities, a strange breed of high heel has been born of late; one whose over-the-toe strap is completely clear. This look results in the wearer’s tootsies being squashed up against the plastic, snugger than any toe should ever be. And don’t even get us started on completely clear Perspex boots – the wearers of which are just asking for athlete’s foot. Yuck.

Fishnets underneath jeans

We like ripped jeans. We like fishnets. But both should categorically not be worn at the same time, and this is another one of those fashion trend that we don’t agree with. The fishnet-jean look is rife among Instagram babes, but the look just screams ‘couldn’t decide what to wear’ to us. The tights are worn underneath the ripped jeans, so the pattern shows through at the knees and thighs. Some wearers also hike the tights up above the waistband, and pair the look with a crop top so the tights are clearly visible. We’re not really sure why, to be honest. We’re baffled.

Shoelace chokers

Ok, we admit it. We loved this look for a while, but it’s time to call it quits. The choker fashion trend originated in the late nineties, and we completely fell in love. If you didn’t have a multi-coloured choker at the school disco, you might as well have not gone. So when the trend rolled around again recently, us nineties babies got super excited. Then, every shop under the sun began to sell the accessory, and we began to remember why we’d dropped this fashion trend in the first place. Chokers look nice and feel ok, but most are adjustable and tend to end up choking us by the end of the day. Death by choker? Not so chic.

Corset detailing

Corsets originated in the sixteenth century and were designed to cinch in a lady’s waist to make it painfully thin. The look has been replicated and adopted time and time again, and this season is no exception. Built-in corset details on tops, corset belts and even corset trousers have been spotted on shelves everywhere. Sadly. This is a look that’s really hard to get right, and more often than not corset detailing just looks tacky. Best leave it to the Moulin Rouge dancers, eh?

Furry mules

For the unacquainted, these shoes are basically mules with fur attached at the heel of the shoe. Fashion giant Gucci started the trend with their men’s mules, and we blame them entirely for the creation of such horrible shoes. This is one fashion trend we think should be avoided at all costs. The look just reminds us of roadkill or real fur, and we prefer to think of furry animals as friends – and not as detailing on our shoes. Avoid, avoid, avoid.

Anything with emoji embellishments

The world has gone emoji mad. The little icons that once lived safely inside our phone screens have now infiltrated cinemas, clothing and accessories, and we’d rather it stopped. Jumpers and t-shirts in our local high street stores have recently been emblazoned with emojis, and the shy monkey, sticking out tongue face and unicorn emoji seem to be particularly popular. Frankly, we think the little cartoon monsters look horribly tacky. Emojis should be confined to Instagram captions and iMessages only, please and thanks.

Using weird objects to get a cat eye flick

Not a beauty trend, as much as a technique – but something we feel so strongly about that we had to include it. YouTube and Instagram videos are great for learning how to create the notably difficult to do cat-eye flick, but recently we’ve noticed many big stars reaching for totally obscure objects to create the flick at the end. We’ve seen credit cards, forks, bottle caps and myriad other objects used to create the perfect feline flick, and it’s getting a bit ridiculous. What happened to the old fashioned steady hand? Come on ladies, we’ve got this!

Lollipop lips

A look created by MAC for the catwalk, lollipop lips is based around smudging your lipstick out over the edges of the lips to emulate the effect of sucking on a lollipop. Errrm, does anyone else never experience this when eating a lolly? We know how to keep things neat, and we wish MAC did too. This beauty trend makes it look like you’ve accidentally vacuumed your lips. It’s a no from us, thanks.

Feather eyebrows

This look tops the bizarre-scale. A ‘feather’ eyebrow is a brow that has been parted horizontally, with one section of hair brushed upwards and the other downwards, to re-create the look of a feather. While the technique is effective, we’re not really sure why any gal would want to pretend they had a feather in place of their eyebrow. Avant-garde? Yes? Will we be trying it? No. Absolutely not.

We hope you enjoyed reading through our list of beauty and fashion trends that need to disappear! What trends are you totally disliking? Let us know in the comments!

Stay beautiful.

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