10 Manicure mistakes you probably are making

How to do manicure and pedicure at home? Not everyone has the time or the money, to have a weekly professional manicure; so many people do their own manicures at home. There is, though, more to getting perfect nails, than just applying a quick coat of nail polish and there are some things that you could be doing to your nails and fingers that could even be a risk to your health. If you want perfectly manicured nails that do look like you get a weekly professional manicure, then read on, and find ten common manicure mistakes that you are probably are making.

1. You are shaking the nail polish bottle

When you see that your nail polish needs a little bit of mixing up, you probably do what most people do, and give it a good shake. When you shake up a bottle of nail polish, you will get air bubbles in it and that’s why you probably can’t get a smooth finish to your nails. Instead of shaking the bottle, roll it between the palms of your hands and it will mix the polish, without filling it with bubbles.

2. You are cutting your cuticles

Cutting back your cuticles will leave an open wound that can easily become infected. What you should be doing is using some cuticle remover and gently pushing your cuticles back. You have cuticles for a reason, so don’t cut them off and be gentle when pushing them back, too. You should only do that once a week.

3. You are applying too much nail polish in one go

If you apply nail polish too thickly, it will bubble and it will take longer to dry, so you are more likely to get smudges and chips. It is much better to apply several thin coats and allow each coat to dry, before you apply the next.

4. You are not using a base coat

If you don’t use a base coat, then you are not alone in the mistake, because many people think that a base coat is an unnecessary step. The truth is, though, a base coat could extend the life of your nail polish by several days. Your nails have natural oils in them that can stop nail polish bonding with your nails properly and a base coat will provide a covering that will seal in these oils, make your polish stick better and last for much longer.

5. You are filing your nails in both directions

If you file your nails, back and forth, in both directions, then you will cause small splits and tears in the ends of your nails that will leave you with rough edges. The best way to file nails is to repeatedly file in the same direction. It may take a bit longer, but it will help stop your nails splitting.

6. You are using metal tools

Metal tools like cuticle removers and nail files do last forever and they do a good job. They are, however, far too harsh for your nails and you could damage your cuticles and your nails, and that could bring in an infection. It’s far better to use wooden cuticle revers and paper based nail files, because they will be gentler on your nails and skin.

7. You are using Q-tips to correct mistakes

Q-tips are one of the worst things you could use to try and correct those little over-runs and bits of nail polish that get on your skin, because they will leave little fibres on the polish and ruin it. To remove nail polish from your skin, dip an old, small makeup brush in some nail polish remover and carefully clean up the excess polish.

8. You are painting your nails in the bathroom

If you try to apply nail polish in a hot, humid place, like a bathroom, then the nail polish won’t dry properly. Always apply nail polish in a dry, cool part of the home; and if the myth is true, then never apply nail polish in a thunderstorm, for the very same reason.

9. You are not preparing your nails properly

You need more than just a base coat to make your nail polish stick properly; you also need to prep your nails first too. Lotion, your natural oils and dirt create a barrier between your nails and your nail polish, so swipe your nails with nail polish remover, before you apply polish, and that will get rid of any grease.

10. You are not sealing the tip

As a final professional touch to your nails, you should swipe the tips of your nails with a small amount polish. Sealing the ends of the nails like this will help stop chips forming and it will keep your nail polish looking perfect for longer.

How to do manicure and pedicure at home? What are your favourite manicure tips?

Stay beautiful!

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