10 Japanese beauty secrets

If you have ever visited Japan, you will have noticed how the Japanese women, of all ages, seem to radiate an effortless beauty. Their skin is like fine porcelain, their hair is perfect and shiny, and their makeup looks great whatever the time of day it is, however hot and humid it may be. Science has proven that there is no such thing as a beauty gene; the Japanese gain their beauty through the beauty techniques and routines that have been passed down from mother to daughter for centuries. That’s great news for the rest of us, because it means that anyone can achieve the flawless Japanese look, so long as they know the secrets of Japanese beauty. Here, then, are ten of those wonderful Japanese beauty secrets revealed.

1. They use oil on their face

While the rest of us search high and low for oil free products, the Japanese know that if you use the right oils on your face, it will actually improve the texture of the skin and stop breakouts. They use pure, natural oils, such as Rice bran oil, to cleanse their face. It removes dirt and it nourishes and protects the skin with Vitamin E and antioxidants. And they often use Camellia oil or Tsubaki oil as their face and body moisturiser.

2. They love green tea

Green tea has been proven to have heaps of powerful antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and the Japanese drink lots of green tea. A particular favourite of Japanese women is a green tea called matcha, which is a concentrated form of green tea that is ten times more powerful and rich in antioxidants, than regular green tea.

3. They stay out of the sun

The Japanese are very aware of the damage that the sun can do to their skin and they have known about this for generations. Interestingly, though, they don’t use a lot of sunscreen. Instead, they stay out of direct sunlight whenever they can and they wear hats and use umbrellas to protect their skin from the sun.

4. They exfoliate their face

Japanese women regularly exfoliate their face using gentle water based exfoliators that contain ground azuki beans. This keeps their skin smooth and removes the dirt from their pores. They really do prize a smooth face and many Japanese women shave their faces, or have regular laser treatment to keep their faces completely free from hair.

5. Bathing is a daily ritual

Bathing is not a chore for Japanese women; it is a ritual they follow daily. They relax in a hot bath at the end of every day, scrubbing their body all over with a special exfoliating brush. The bathwater itself is usually infused with aromatic herbs, oils and green tea, which softens the skin, tightens the pores, and retains moisture.

6. They eat a healthy diet

The Japanese aren’t averse to the occasional indulgence in western fast food, but they certainly don’t live on the stuff! The Japanese is one of the healthiest in the world and that is one of the reasons that they enjoy such long lives. A typical Japanese meal will contain loads of fresh vegetables, fish and rice. Basically, it’s all the healthy foods that you know you should be eating, but probably don’t.

7. They don’t put anything on their skin that they couldn’t eat

Japanese women follow a simple rule when it comes to beauty products for their skin. If it isn’t edible then they won’t use it. This makes a lot of senses, because the skin is porous, so anything you put on your skin will be quickly absorbed into your blood. This is why so many of the Japanese beauty products contain nothing other than natural ingredients.

8. They use very little makeup

The Japanese focus their efforts on caring for their skin, and that way, they don’t need so much makeup to cover up imperfections. They choose their makeup products very carefully, always checking the ingredients, and they only use makeup very sparingly. They look on makeup as being the finishing touch to their face, not the most important thing.

9. They look after their hair

Japanese women are very careful about how they treat their hair. They use shampoos that contain natural ingredients like seaweed, and they use wooden combs that don’t create static electricity and pull on the hair like the plastic ones do. They also comb their hair through, once every day, a with tsubaki oil, which stops their hair getting frizzy.

10. They believe in their own unseen beauty

The ladies of Japan also have a concept called Mie-nai Oshareh, which means unseen beauty. They believe that beauty comes from the inside and much of the poise and elegance that Japanese women are so famous for stems from this belief.

Stay beautiful!


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