10 Shaving tips, tricks and hacks for women

Did you know that girls have not always shaved their legs? Shaving only really became trendy during World War Two, when bare legs became popular by necessity, because nylon stockings were in short supply. Today, however, smooth and hairless legs are a beauty necessity, so check out these ten shaving tips, tricks and hacks and find out how you can make shaving less of a chore:

1. Use some oil, before the shaving cream

One of the best and most useful shaving tips for women is to use some oil, before (or instead of) the shaving cream. You can stop razor burn by softening your skin with some natural oil, before you even apply the shaving cream. Coconut oil, sweet almonds oil or olive oil, will protect your skin from nicks and cuts and allow the razor to glide more smoothly across your skin.

2. Try some men’s shaving foam

For some unfathomable reason, manufacturers charge more for ladies shaving creams, than they do for men’s. The scent might not always be good, but men’s shaving creams does the same job, for a fraction of the price of women’s.

3. Change razors frequently to avoid cuts and nicks

A dull, blunt blade will definitely lead to cuts and nicks, and an old razor is not very hygienic either. Change your razor frequently and you will get a much smoother shave. The recommendation is to only use a razor three to five times.

4. Exfoliate before shaving

Exfoliate your skin before shaving or all the dead skin cells will clog up the razor. Use an exfoliating scrub or an exfoliating glove in the shower, and rinse thoroughly before you shave. It will make your razors last longer too. If you prefer to use natural homemade body scrubs, then coconut oil and sugar mix is one of the best and easiest to make.

5. Soften your skin before shaving 

If you are in a rush to get out, you can be tempted to start shaving your dry legs without softening your skin first, which can lead to cuts, bumps, nicks, razor burns and clogging up the razor with some dead skin. To avoid all these, wet your skin with warm water before shaving, let your skin soften and then shave.

6. Use short strokes

Another one of useful shaving tips for women is to use short strokes. Don’t try and shave the whole length of your leg in one stroke, because that is more likely to lead to cuts. Short strokes are best, working your way slowly along your leg.

7. Shave with the grain and then against it

If you have sensitive skin, then shaving against the grain will cause irritation. One of the best shaving tips for women, whatever your skin type, is to shave, once with the grain, and then a second time, against it. That way you will get a much closer shave, without the irritation.

8. Don’t shave any unhealed cuts

If you do cut your skin, then don’t shave that area until it is healed properly. Stating the obvious, but if you don’t leave cuts and sore spots alone, they will never heal and they could become infected.

9. Soothe shaving bumps with shea butter or cold cucumber paste 

Here is another one of great shaving tips for women: if shaving has left you with irritated skin and shaving bumps, then a quick way to soothe your skin is by dabbing on some shea butter or use freshly made, cold cucumber paste. It will quickly cool the area and reduce the inflammation. Also, avoid irritating that area further, give your preference to loose fitting clothes and allow some time to heal.

10. Don’t buy cheap razors

Don’t be tempted to buy the really cheap packets of razors. They look a bargain but they are not. They won’t last as long, as slightly more expensive razors, they won’t give you a smooth shave and they are more likely to cause cuts and nicks.

How to shave your legs? What are your favorite shaving tips for women?

Stay happy!


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