10 Great beauty tips to simplify your beauty routine

Here’s a frightening fact: on average, a woman spends a total of three years of her life in front of a mirror working on her makeup and hair. Three years! Just think what else you could do with an extra three years. The thing is though, a lot of what we do is unnecessary, so get some of those years back again and read our ten beauty tips that will help you simplify your beauty regime:

1. Get organized

How many times have you found yourself in a mad panic to get out, but you can’t find that one beauty product that’s mysteriously disappeared. Throw out all those empty bottles, jars and anything that you haven’t used in months and de-clutter your makeup stash. Even if you just separate out the essentials and put them in one place, you will save some precious minutes in the morning.

2. Forget false eyelashes

False eyelashes only damage your natural ones and they take ages to get on just right. When you take false eyelashes off, they can rip off your natural ones, which can take years to re-grow, if they re-grow at all. So, use false eyelashes only for special occasions or avoid using them altogether, apply two or tree coats of mascara instead, it will add volume and make your eyelashes look thicker. If you want to make your lashes grow longer and get thicker, apply argan oil on them every night before going to sleep, it will nourish your lashes and stimulate growth.

3. Use light shades of nail polish or use shellac

If you use light pink shades on your nails, rather than darker colors, then the chips won’t show as badly, so you can go longer between repairs. Also try using shellac nail polish, it lasts up to tree weeks, it prevents nails from chipping and it’s a lot less damaging for your nails than a gel manicure.

4. There’s no need to use face wash every morning

Wash your face and moisturize before you go to bed and your face will still be clean and fresh when you wake up. Just rinse it in some warm water and you’re ready to go. Washing your face with soap too often will only give you dry skin anyway.

5. You don’t need to pluck every day

Plucking your eyebrows just a few times a week or even a month will suffice and you certainly shouldn’t be doing it every day. Over plucking will leave you with permanently thin eyebrows (which generally makes people look older) and plucking them every day is another massive time waster.

6. Shampoo at night

If you shampoo and dry at night before you go to bed, it will save you time in the morning and you’ll avoid having to go out with your hair still wet. You don’t need to shampoo every day either; this will just dry out your hair. For most people, twice a week is enough. Also make use of dry shampoo, it can refresh your hair and prolong the time between hair washes.

7. Blush and lipstick can be one and same thing

Find a double or triple duty product, for example, you can use one and same product as your lipstick and blush, and if the color is neutral, you can even use it as an eyeshadow. Just dab the product on your lips and cheeks, and apply some on your eyelids; quick and easy, it will save you plenty of time in the morning.

8. Simplify the eyeshadow routine

Your eyes don’t need to be a work of art when you go to work, so stick to just two shades of eyeshadow at the most in the morning. Apply a neutral, light color all over your eyelid and accentuate the crease with darker eyeshadow color by applying it to the outer corners of your eyes, then blend; it’s all you really need.

9. Get two for the price of one

Look for cosmetics that will do two jobs instead of just one; for example, you can save time washing your hands and cleaning makeup brushes, your eyeshadow can also become your bronzer, your lip gloss might also be used as a blush or a smudge of eyeliner might do for an eyeshadow. Improvise and play.

10. Sleep and condition your hair at the same time

If you want to add shine and softness to your hair, and you don’t have time for visiting hair salons for doing hair treatments, try doing deep conditioning treatment overnight. You can use natural oils for this purpose (for example, use coconut oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, castor oil, olive oil…) or use hair masks that are meant for a nighttime use. Apply on your hair before going to bed, wash your hair in the morning and enjoy silky, shiny and beautiful hair.

How do you simplify your beauty routine? Feel free to share your own beauty tips in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!


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