10 Grandma’s beauty tips that work like a charm

Grandma might not be the first person you would think of to go to for beauty tips, but depending her age, she probably had to be a lot more creative in her time to find ways of keeping beautiful. The women of the past still looked amazing, but when they wanted a beauty treatment, they were more likely to take a visit to the kitchen, than they were to take a trip to the drugstore or a beauty salon, so here are ten of grandma’s beauty tips that will still work like a charm today:

1. Protect your hands

It seems that gloves are not in fashion these days, but we’ll bet that granny used to wear them! Gloves for going out, gloves for doing the dishes and gloves for working in the garden. She didn’t give her hands a hard time and then reach for the moisturiser, she protected her hands to keep them smooth and undamaged.

2. Cure acne with lemon

For fresh and acne free skin, squeeze a lemon into a container and add the same amount of water again and then, apply the mixture to your pimples with a Q-tip, being careful to avoid your eyes. The antibacterial properties of the lemon will fight the cause of acne and pimples and leave you with a bright and clear complexion.

3. Exfoliate with sugar

No expensive exfoliation treatments for grandma, just add some sugar to your soap or mix sugar with a plain thick cream, before bathing and you will get a simple exfoliating body massage at no extra cost or effort. It will remove the dead skin cells and it will improve your blood circulation too.

4. Use olive oil for the skin

The benefits of olive oil for your skin were known even before grandma was born! Simply add some olive oil to your bath water and it will moisturise your skin and help to protect it against the effects of pollution. It’s pure and simple, it won’t irritate your skin and it’s really inexpensive!

5. Grandma always had some cocoa butter, Shea butter or lard in the cupboard

Cocoa butter, Shea butter and lard haven’t exactly got a glamorous image, but they all do make a great all-round, multipurpose, beauty product. You can use either one of these products or their mix as a makeup remover, moisturiser, lip balm, cuticle treatment, and much more, all from one single jar. It will even stop door hinges from squeaking! Grandma probably also used Vaseline, but, as some studies have shown, Vaseline might not be as harmless as we would think, so avoid it.

6. Use potatoes for dark circles under the eyes

Potatoes will lighten dark circles under your eyes and remove the puffiness too. Just slice some raw potato, give it a wash and place the slices under your eyes for 5-10 minutes and see the difference that it makes.

7. Get luscious lips with cinnamon and beet

You can plump up thin lips with Shea butter and cinnamon. Mix a pinch of cinnamon with some Shea butter and rub it onto your lips. Leave it on for just a minute, before washing off, and it will stimulate the blood flow to your lips and you will be left with gorgeous, beautiful and luscious lips. To add some color to your lips, go to your kitchen, find beetroot and apply a slice to your lips as you would use a lipstick; beet lip stain is all natural, it looks simply adorable and it compliments wonderfully all skin tones.

8. Use lemon juice as a whitener

You can whiten your nails, lighten marks on your skin or even add highlights to your hair with lemon juice. Simply apply fresh lemon juice to your nails or the blemish and the natural acids in the juice will soon do the trick. If you want to add blonde highlights to your hair, then mix lemon juice with water in proportion 1:1 and apply to a couple of strands of hair, and then, ideally, hit the beach; when you come back home your should have some naturally blond highlights in your locks.

9. Curl your hair with strips of cloth

Long before there were perms and curling irons, women used to have a far simpler way to curl their hair. Simply roll wet hair around strips of cloth, tie a knot into the cloth to hold it in and leave it in when you go to bed; and, when you wake, you will have a head of wonderful curls.

10. Sleep on a silk pillowcase

Reserved perhaps for the affluent of grandmas, sleeping on a silk pillowcase was a trick known to many women in the past. A silk pillow case is far better for skin and your hair, than a cotton one. It won’t crease your skin and it help to avoid waking up with frizzy hair.

Do you know some other grandma’s beauty tips that work? Feel free to share your favorite natural homemade beauty tips in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful!


  1. Raquel
    April 3, 2017 at 7:52 pm

    Definitely going to try some of these. The lemmon for acne sounds like a really good bet.

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