10 Genius DIY beauty tips you need to try

It’s unbelievable what you can do at home and get the same effect as when you have a long, thorough visit to the beauty salon. There are tips to help you get the perfect cat eye, and there are tricks to remove your nail polish easier. How to make the most of your bobby pins, and how to get durable waves in your hair? Here’s a selection of ingenious and natural, homemade DIY beauty tips and remedies.

1. Kiwi mask for glowing skin

Kiwis are literally packed with vitamin C, so if your skin looks dull, liven it up with a boost of vitamin C. Just mash a couple of kiwis and apply to your face, avoiding the eye area. You can gently rub the mask a bit before leaving it to work its magic – the kiwi seeds will act as a gentle exfoliant too. If you have an outbreak of acne, follow up with a mask of mashed raspberries and lemon juice.

2. Mayo for healthy and shiny hair

There are a lot of things you can use on your hair to keep it healthy and shiny, and mayonnaise is one of them. How it works? It works by protecting the lower half of your hair from excessive drying when you shampoo. So, treat your locks with the mayo before you jump into the shower, and then just make sure you rinse it thoroughly.

3. Homemade rose water

Rose water is a widely used beauty tool. It has a soothing effect on the skin, and it also helps it stay well moisturised. Here’s how to do it at home. Get some roses and strip them of their petals until you fill a cup tightly. Boil two cups of water, wait for it to cool a bit (until approximately 85°C) and pour it over the petals. Let it steep until it cools off. Keep it covered. Then strain and squeeze all the water from the petals, put in a clean jar and keep in the fridge, when you’re not using it. How to use it? Spray it on your face and enjoy the glow! Smell is amazing too!

4. Toothpaste for yellow nails

Another one of great DIY beauty tips is to use toothpaste to remedy yellow nails. After removing dark nail polish, our nails are often left stained or yellowed. To remedy this, just take out your toothpaste, put some on each nail and scrub well. Whitening toothpaste works the best, but you can also make your own nail cleaner by mixing one tablespoon of peroxide with two and a half tablespoons of baking soda. Rub this into your nails and let it stay for about 10 minutes, then rinse.

5. Honey nose strap 

You actually don’t need a strap, just make yourself a honey mask to clean your pores and lock the moisture in the skin. In addition, this liquid gold, as honey is so rightly called, will make your face softer. Just make sure you use raw, natural honey, without glucose additives. Rub it into your face, leave it for half an hour, then rinse.

6. De-clogging mask 

Mix a pack of plain gelatine with two teaspoons of milk, and apply to your face with a wide brush. Let it dry before removing. The mixture will act like a gentle pore-declogging strap with the additional benefit of nourishing and moisturizing the skin, thanks to the milk.

7. Hair conditioner for legs 

If you don’t have your shaving foam at hand – no problem! You can use your hair conditioner instead of shaving cream, and it’s good for the skin too. The conditioner will moisturise your legs, while you shave them, in addition to softening the hairs and making them easier to remove. Don’t forget to leave the shaving for the end of the shower, to make sure your pores have opened up from the heat and to avoid getting bumpy skin.

8. Coconut oil for gorgeous hair

Since you will be using your hair conditioner for your legs, you might want to diversify your hair care with coconut oil. It moisturises the hair in depth, and makes it shinier and stronger. What’s wonderful is that you could use it as an overnight hair mask. Just rub it into your hair, put a heat cap on and go to sleep. In the morning you’ll be amazed with wonderful result!

9. Homemade dry shampoo

Making your own dry shampoo is one of the easiest DIY beauty tips. All you need is some essential oil for the fragrance, two tablespoons of corn starch, two tablespoons of rice flour, and the same amount of arrowroot powder. Mix, add a few drops of the oil of your choice (rose essential oil smells amazing) and keep in a jar for those moments when you’re running late and have no time to wash your hair the usual way.

10. Turn your eyeshadow into an eyeliner

This is a truly ingenious trick, and it’s so simple and effective. Put a few drops of Visine near the corner of your eyeshadow pan, dip a brush and use this colour as an eyeliner. As the eye drops dry, the eyeshadow will go back to its normal state, so you won’t have to keep using it as liner till it’s finished.

What are your favorite DIY beauty tips?

Stay happy!

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