10 Fantastic overnight beauty tips to wake up gorgeous as a queen

Everyone has heard about how important beauty sleep is, but is it really possible to wake up looking more beautiful than when you went to bed? For a lot of people, waking up means dishevelled hair, puffy eyes and a pale complexion, but you could be doing a lot more to make sure that you wake up looking refreshed and alert. Instead of wasting those precious eight hours you spend asleep in bed, you could be giving your body a helping hand to rejuvenate and recover from the hard time you give it during the day. Here are ten great overnight beauty tips that will help you wake up looking gorgeous every morning.

1. Take your time preparing for bed

However tired you may feel, it’s well worthwhile spending a few extra minutes on your night-time beauty regime. Remove all your makeup and cleanse your skin thoroughly, then exfoliate and moisturise before you go to bed. It’s the easiest way to keep your skin clear and breakout free.

2. Lengthen your lashes while you sleep

If you apply some castor oil to your lashes, it will nourish them and help to make them grow longer and thicker. Your lashes are no different from the hairs on your head and they need looking after and conditioning too. You can do the same for your brows as well, if they need a bit of thickening up in places.

3. Buy silk pillowcases

One of the best investments you can make to improve your beauty sleep is in some silk pillowcases. Silk pillowcases will help stop your hair getting tangled in the night and breaking, and they are much kinder on your skin too. Also, don’t forget to change your pillow cases regularly and that will help keep your skin clear.

4. Treat dark circles with almond oil

If you tend to wake up with dark circles under your eyes, try rubbing a little bit of sweet almond oil into the skin before you go to bed and that should help reduce the dark marks. If you also prop your head up higher with and extra pillow, it will stop fluid accumulating under your eyes, and that is what can cause puffy eyes in the mornings.

5. Keep feet soft with an overnight Shea butter treatment

If you look after your feet all year round, you won’t be left needing drastic treatment every spring to get rid of hard and calloused skin ready for the sandal season. To give your feet a treat after spending all day on them, massage in plenty of Shea butter and cover with a pair of socks before you go to bed. You’ll wake up with lovely soft feet and you won’t get a build-up of hard skin.

6. Buy a humidifier for your bedroom

If you seem to always wake up with dry skin then try drinking a glass of water every night before you go to bed, because you could just be getting dehydrated during the night. If that doesn’t work, it could be that the air in your bedroom is too dry, so try using a humidifier and that will replace the moisture in the air and help keep your skin hydrated.

7. Soften your hands overnight

Your hands are always busy doing something during the day, so the night time is the best time to give them some intensive beauty therapy. Exfoliate your hands with a mixture of olive oil and sugar and then massage in some shea butter. Pop on a pair of gloves and leave it on overnight and you will wake up to younger looking and beautifully soft hands.

8. Moisturise your lips

To replace some of the moisture that you lose from your lips during the day, get into the habit of always applying lip balm or coconut oil before you go to bed and you will never suffer with dry, chapped lips again. If your lips do dry out, try applying a good coating of Shea butter at night for some extra intensive rehydration.

9. Treat split ends with aloe vera gel

You can help reduce the appearance of split ends by giving the tips of your hair an overnight condition with aloe vera gel. Just rub a small amount into the ends of your hair and leave it on overnight. When you wake up, you should find that the split ends are far less noticeable.

10. Treat acne with honey and cinnamon

For a natural overnight treatment for acne and pimples, that won’t dry out your skin or irritate it, apply a mixture of one teaspoon of cinnamon mixed with a tablespoon of honey to the affected area and it will soon clear up your skin.

Stay happy!

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