10 Fantastic beauty boosts that will lift up your mood

There are times when the whole world seems to be against you, nothing goes right and you feel tired, unattractive and insignificant. One way to perk things up is to get a quick beauty boost. Some of these can be turned into habits, which will minimise the risk of having such thoroughly bad days. Our mood is tied to how we look, so when you take care of the latter, you effectively take care of the former too.

1. Rub in some coconut oil

Our first tip on how to boost your mood is to treat your body to a coconut oil massage. It smells nice, which will instantly lift up your mood, it soaks in quickly, and it’s a much better moisturiser than branded, synthetic lotions. If you have more time, pamper your hair with it too, it can nourish and moisturise your hair amazingly.

2. Eat a fruit salad

In order to be healthy, your skin needs a certain amount of vitamins. What better way to get your fill than by eating a fresh fruit salad? All fruits contain some of these vitamins, though in some they are in greater quantities than in others. Kiwis, for instance, have more vitamin C than oranges, can you believe it? Mix up a few different fruits and dig in for a smoother, healthier face.

3. Make a face mask

When we feel unattractive, it’s usually because we look tired, with dark circles under the eyes or an unpleasant puffiness. So, another way to boost your mood is to treat your face to a massage with a natural oil of your choice, or make yourself a nourishing mask with stuff from the fridge – egg yolk, yogurt or a squashed fruit. You’ll quickly feel revitalised and happier.

4. Get your nails done

First put some cream on your hands, take in the scent, then file whatever needs filing, smooth and shape your cuticles. Then take your favourite colour nail polish and get to work. On the one hand, doing your mani will keep you focused on this one activity and you won’t have time for gloomy thoughts, and on the other, you’ll get a pair of perfectly done, soft hands to enjoy. Also, do a pedicure.

5. Get a bubble bath

Stress dulls your beauty. To relieve stress and boost your mood, there’s nothing like a bubble bath and some of your favourite music. The soothing effect of the water combines with the scent of the bubbles and the music for a very relaxing treatment. Don’t deny yourself such treatments, they will instantly make you feel better.

6. Take a nap

Unless you’re one of those people who resent any kind of sleep in daylight, get a half-hour nap to freshen up. If you can’t take a nap during the day, go to bed earlier tonight, to catch up on your sleep. When you get enough sleep, you look decidedly better, so it’s not something you can afford to underestimate.

7. How to boost your mood? Get your hair drunk!

Just joking, simply spray it with flat beer. Beer is made from ingredients that have a volumising and nourishing effect on your locks, so don’t spare it and make sure enough gets into the roots. Let it dry and stay in your hair for a while before rinsing it off.

8. Take a walk

A bit of light exercise, such as a quick walk or anything you can do at home, if the weather’s bad, will have an instant effect on both your mood and your appearance. Physical exercise stimulates blood circulation, to say the least, and this directly benefits your skin, energising it and giving you a 100% natural flush.

9. Give yourself a knuckle massage

Taking care of your body will invariably make you feel good, so if you’re too beat for anything else, at least, give your face a quick massage with your knuckles. Be gentle, and use either your regular cream or a natural oil to soothe and reinvigorate your skin.

10. Add a new colour

Our next beauty tip on how to boost your mood is to put on some makeup and use an orange lipstick shade. Orange hues are fresher than reds and not so heavy on the eye, plus they’re very cheerful. Whether you’re going out or staying at home, get some colour into your lips for an instant mood lift.

11. Add some sparkle 

To get rid of that tired, gloomy look, add some sparkle to your eyes. First, moisturise the area around them well, then add some shimmer to the inner corners of the eyes. Alternatively, use light-reflecting concealer, applied below your lower lids, to mask the tiredness and illuminate your eyes. Once you look better, you’ll feel better.

12. Laugh more 

There’s nothing like laughter to instantly lift your spirits and make you shine. Everyone looks better with a smile on, so browse the internet for some funny youtube videos or a funny quotes website, for instance, or watch a blooper reel from your favourite TV show, grab your favourite humour book or talk to a funny friend. Smile, and the world will smile back at you, you know how it goes.

What are your favorite beauty boosts that lift up your mood?

Stay happy!

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