10 Famous beauty hacks

You’d have thought that, with all their money, celebrities wouldn’t need beauty hacks, because they can send out for the latest and the best beauty products whenever they like. Famous celebrities, though, are no different from the rest of us; they have their own favourite beauty tricks they use to save them time and effort, and that don’t cost a bucket load of money. Some of these beauty hacks you may have heard of before, others may be new to you, and some are just downright weird! Here are ten of the best famous celebrity beauty hacks around.

1. Unwashed hair can be cool

If you were stepping out onto the red carpet, wouldn’t you want your hair to have been freshly washed? According to Chris McMillan, hairstylist to Jennifer Anniston, freshly washed hair is not always the best, because two day hair has more texture. To make the most of unwashed hair, just pull it straight back from your face into a pony tail and then put it up in a bun.

2. Texture hair with Coca Cola

Actress and model, Suki Waterhouse, is not a big fan of freshly washed hair either and she has said that she doesn’t like the way that her fine hair looks straight away after a shampoo. To give her hair more texture and volume, she rinses it through with Coca Cola to give it more of natural, tousled look.

3. Moisturise your whole face with eye cream

Ashley Weatherford, who is Beyonce’s makeup artist, says that eye cream is more delicate in composition than face cream, so it is absorbed into the skin better. That’s why he uses a small amount of eye cream, instead of using a standard face cream, to moisturise the singer’s face. He also says that face creams work great on the body.

4. Stop your hair drying out in the shower

When you have long hair, sometimes the roots and the top half of your hair need a thorough wash, but the bottom half doesn’t. To solve this problem, Blake Lively uses a trick that her mum taught her. Before getting into the shower, she coats the bottom half of her long hair with mayonnaise and that stops it from drying out too much when she shampoos her hair.

5. Clear up skin with apple cider vinegar

Scarlett Johansson decided that she wanted a natural way to keep her skin clear, so she ditched the over-the-counter skin care products for apple cider vinegar. She says it keeps her skin glowing and clear, it heals breakouts fast, and it doesn’t have any of the harsh chemicals in that shop-bought lotions do.

6. Coffee grounds to get rid of cellulite

Not wanting to go under the knife, or have laser treatment, Halle Berry found a much better way to fight the lumps and bumps of cellulite. She mixes coffee grounds with her regular body lotion and massages that into her skin. She says it makes the perfect body scrub, which promotes the flow of blood and gives her silky smooth skin.

7. Apples to keep your smile white

Catherine Zeta Jones loves her home grown beauty treatments too, and to make sure that her smile stays white and clean after a meal, she always eats an apple or some strawberries to make sure that there are no stains or bits of food stuck between her teeth. She is also a great believer in using a mixture of beer and honey to condition her hair.

8. Use sugar to exfoliate

Most girls already know that sugar is a great ingredient for an exfoliating scrub, but surprisingly, famous celebrities use this cheap method of removing dead skin cells too. Kim Kardashian adds sugar to her regular body wash to turn it into an exfoliating scrub. Apparently, it’s not just the coarseness of sugar that makes it ideal for use in a scrub, it’s also the glycolic acid that sugar contains, which moisturises the skin as well.

9. Vaseline to remove makeup

Who’d have thought that petroleum jelly would be a part of a celebrity makeup up kit too? Actress Racheal Bilson uses Vaseline to remove her makeup, because she thinks it moisturises her skin and it helps to stop wrinkles forming too.

10 Use a spoon to curl your lashes

Miranda Kerr’s trick for curling eyelashes is to use a metal spoon. Warm up a spoon with a blow dryer and hold the spoon under your lashes with the bowl part facing up and push your lashes into the warm spoon to give them shape and curl.

What are your favourite beauty hacks?

Stay beautiful!

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