10 Fall essentials you should have in your handbag

Winter is well on the way now. The nights are drawing and the trees are losing their colour and it’s getting noticeably colder. It’s hard to believe that the summer is already over, but it’s time to start thinking about coats, scarves and hats again, if you haven’t already done so. It’s also time to start thinking about what you will be carrying in your handbag this fall, so here are some of the essentials that might need to see you through, as we head toward the dreaded winter months:

1. A fold up umbrella

First things to go back in your bag will have to be the trusty umbrella! Don’t get caught out this fall, by a heavy downpour, keep your fold-up brolly with you at all times!

2. Tissues

A handy pack of tissues can be a godsend at this time of year too. It’s already getting windy and that’s going to make your eyes and nose run. The first batch of colds and flu can’t be far away either!

3. Lip balm

With the arrival of autumn, the winds pick up and the central heating goes on. Start keeping your lips moisturised and protected with a lip balm now, and it will help you avoid dried and cracked lips later.

4. Hand cream

Don’t forget to protect your hands too. Keep your hands moisturised and smooth and pop a small bottle of hand lotion in your bag.

5. A hair brush

You know how it’s going to be. You spend hours getting ready to go out and, the second you step outside the door, your hair will be blown everywhere by a strong gust of wind. Pack a hairbrush; you’re going to need it by the time you get to work.

6. Gloves

Ok, so it’s not actually yet winter, but we believe in being prepared! We’re not that far away from the first frosts of the winter, so you’re going to need gloves soon too.

7. Makeup essentials: lipstick, mascara, liner, blotting pappers, compact powder and, of course, your favorite perfume 

You probably carried these in the summer as well, but the weather is closing in, it is more likely that your makeup will need a little touching up during the day, so now’s a good time to check that you have all you need and you are not about to run out of anything.

8. A small mirror

A small hand held mirror will be useful, so you can do a quick check for wind damage, before you go to an important meeting or date.

9. Bobby pins

If you do get caught out, a few bobby pins can soon sort out unruly, windswept hair. It might mean an impromptu change of hairstyle, but it’s better than looking like you just got out of bed!

10. Hand sanitizer

You are just as likely pick up germs on your hands, as you are from being next to someone who sneezes. Keep the winter colds at bay by using a hand sanitizer, when you can’t get to a bathroom to wash your hands.

What’s in your purse this fall? What other fall essentials do you like to have in your handbag?

Stay happy!

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