10 Fabulous makeup tips and tricks for ladies with dark hair

Being brunette doesn’t just mean being brown haired. Your hair could be a deep dark brown, hazelnut or more like caramel, and your eye color and skin tone will make a difference to your choice of makeup too. But, here in our ten makeup tips and tricks for ladies with dark hair, we look at some of the things that you can do to enhance that natural brunette beauty that you have, just don’t forget your shade of brown, skin tone and eye color, when you choose the perfect look for you:

1. For your eyes

Eye color will be the deciding factor in your choice of eye shadow, but as a general rule, browns and grays are the best for a beautiful brunette, perhaps with a hint of red or yellow.

2. For your lips

Brunette hair frames the face perfectly and you can make your lips stand out too. Bright pinks, reds and plums will highlight your lips beautifully against the deep color of your hair. Stay clear of the pale pinks though, they usually don’t look that good with your brown hair.

3. For your foundation

A heavy foundation can look harsh against dark hair, so go for a light to medium instead. Stay clear of pink tones; neutral beiges with a smooth and even coverage will look the best.

4. Check your highlights

When you are choosing makeup shades remember your highlights, as well as the main color of your hair. Pink undertones go well with blonde highlights and honey shades go well with red highlights.

5. Rouge for brunettes

Lipsticks can be used to accentuate your beautiful features and liven up your face. Rose lipstick shades look fantastic with brown hair, but steer clear of peach and apricot shades, which can give your skin a grey and lifeless look.

6. Smokey eye look

Some people say that brunettes are the only ones that can really get away with the smoky eye look without it appearing too harsh. Rich browns with plenty of eyeliner can look stunning with dark brown hair.

7. Copper and honey for chocolate brown hair

If your hair is chocolate brown, then try gold’s, coppers and honey colors in your makeup. Experiment a little, these shades really work with chocolate brown hair and you can mix them up too with copper lips and honey eyes for example.

8. Go bold with caramel hair

If your hair is more of a caramel shade, then go bold with your makeup. With your hair color you can look stunning with bright, bold and vibrant lip color.

9. Shades of plum

Depending on your eye color, shades of plum and violet work really well with brown hair, especially if you have green eyes.  These colors draw out the brown of your hair beautifully, so try various shades and find which are the ones that suite your particular hair, skin and eye color combination.

10. Shades of Navy

Another complimentary color for brunette hair is navy. Navy eyeliner or eye shadow looks great with any eye color and brings out the brown in your hair perfectly.

So, pretty girls with dark hair, we hope you found our makeup tips and tricks useful. Feel free to share your own in the comment section below.

Stay pretty!

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