10 Fabulous French beauty tips you need to know about

The ladies of France have a classic sense of beauty and style that is famous across the globe and French women are renowned for looking beautiful every single day, whatever they are doing. So how do the French girls look so good, all the time? The first thing we can learn from the French mademoiselles is that they take care of the basics first. They put more effort into the fundamentals of looking after the health of their skin and their hair and, most of their secrets are home remedies that have been passed down from mother to daughter for centuries. Here are ten of the best beauty secrets that the French girls try to keep to themselves:

1. They don’t use harsh cleansers

You won’t find any harsh chemicals in a French girl’s beauty kit, they use natural ingredients instead. To remove their makeup, French girls use a dab of sweet almond oil on a cotton wool ball to gently remove makeup and they would never even think of using a harsh, chemical cleanser.

2. They don’t stress about ageing

The French believe that you can look good at any age and they aren’t afraid of ageing.  They like to keep their look natural, so they don’t tend to use off-the-shelf anti-ageing creams; they rely on using natural oils, honey, fresh fruits and vegetables (such as cucumber and tomato slices) and Shea butter, all their lives, to keep them looking fresh and youthful.

3. They don’t chase the sun tan

French people know all about the dangers of the sun and the effects that it can have on their skin. They don’t lie on a beach to get a tan; they protect their skin from the sun’s harmful rays by using a sunscreen and wearing hats and sunglasses. If they want a tan, they use a tanning product, not the sun.

4. They prefer natural over makeup

When French women go shopping for cosmetics, they are far more likely to come away with natural skin care products than they are with makeup. They prefer to have naturally clear and beautiful skin, so they keep it moisturised with oils and creams and use far less makeup than the girls in other countries.

5. They leave their hair alone

The French ladies let nature take care of their hair too, and they wash it far less frequently, than girls elsewhere in the world. They don’t even wash their hair on alternate days, they are more likely to shampoo twice a week and, when they want to give their hair a clean, in between washes, they give it a good brush instead or use a dab of dry shampoo.

6. They look after their hands and their nails

To keep their hands smooth and blemish free, French girls have a secret recipe that has been handed down through generations. They make a hand bath of cold water, sea salt and some sweet almond or olive oil, which they scrub their hands with for 3-5 minutes. Then they treat their nails with a dab of olive oil or coconut oil.

7. They drink plenty of wine

The pure and simple wines of France appear on the table at mealtimes in most French homes. The girls of France know that the antioxidants in wine, especially red wine, will help to keep the signs of ageing at bay and keep their complexions clear.

8. They’re not afraid of taking a cold shower

French women know that a healthy circulation means glowing skin. A great way to get the circulation going is to alternate between hot and cold water in the shower. It wakes up your system and brings a rosy glow to your skin. Also, French ladies love splashing their faces (and breasts) with cold water for a couple of minutes every morning to keep their skin beautiful, fresh and glowing.

9. They don’t waste time in the gym

Most French girls think that exercising in a gym is too boring; they’d rather be outside in the fresh air. You are more likely to find the French girls outside playing sports or enjoying water aerobics in the pool, than inside on a treadmill in a gym.

10. They know the importance of good hydration

The French love their wine, but they also understand the importance of drinking water. Their secret weapon to flush out the toxins and keep hair and skin looking beautiful, is a glass of water every night before bed and first thing every morning, as well as making sure that they drink enough through the day.

Do you know some other beauty secrets of French women that we all should know about?

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Stay pretty and happy!

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