10 Effective and natural beauty tips and tricks from around the globe

All around the world, women have, for centuries, been finding new and innovative ways to look even more beautiful. From the English rose to the olive skinned beauties of the Mediterranean, women of every region have found their own ways of looking after their skin, hair and doing makeup. If you want to find out what the ladies of Mexico do with their teaspoons, how the girls of Brazil ease sunburn and why the women of the Dominican Republic have such strong and healthy nails, then read these ten interesting beauty tips from around the globe:

Beauty tip 1: Highlights from Spain

The ladies of Spain add highlights to their hair by rinsing it in cranberry juice. Mix a quarter of a cup of cranberry juice with a quarter cup of water and use the mix for a final rinse and when the sun shines, it will bring out the natural highlights your brunette hair. If you are blonde, try lemon juice instead.

Beauty tip 2: Curlers from Mexico

Mexican women curl their eyelashes with teaspoons. They hold the teaspoon so it is cupping their eyelid and then curl the lashes up and over the spoon with their thumbs. It’s quick, easy and effective, and there is no need for any special curling tools.

Beauty tip 3: Glowing skin from Japan

The oriental ladies of Japan add sake, a beverage made from fermented rice, to their bath for glowing, blemish free skin. Add three or four small glasses of sake to your bath water and it will gently exfoliate your skin and lighten any blemishes or age spots.

Beauty tip 4: A Chinese nourishing anti-ageing face lotion

Many women in China use rice water to nourish their faces and prevent ageing. You can try this yourself by soaking Chinese rice in some bottled water for about twenty minutes and then soak a cloth in the water and lay it over your face for 5-10 minutes. The rice water is rich in anti-oxidants, which will help to prevent the onset of the signs of ageing in your skin.

Beauty tip 5: A Brazilian sunburn remedy

Brazilian girls use oatmeal to ease the pain of sunburn. Make a ball of oatmeal, contained inside some gauze, and tie the ball under the cold running water of a bath. Bathe in the oatmeal infused water for twenty minutes and the anti-inflammatory properties of the oatmeal will gently soothe the sting out of sunburn.

Beauty tip 6: An anti-ageing remedy from India

Women of all ages in India take the time in the morning to shred some fresh ginger and mix it with a spoonful of honey. Eating the sweet and spicy mixture is said to boost the immune system and reduce the signs of ageing and fine lines in the skin.

Beauty tip 7: Hard as nails from the Dominican Republic

To strengthen their nails and keep them free from fungal infection, the girls of the Dominican Republic chop fresh garlic and add it to their nail polish. They leave the garlic in the bottle for seven days, before they use it, and then the garlic strengthens their nails and helps prevent them from getting any nail infections.

Beauty tip 8: Hair care from Italy

Italian women keep their hair glossy with a homemade conditioner of yoghurt and olive oil. Mix one cup of plain yoghurt with a couple of teaspoons of olive oil, apply to your hair for half an hour before washing off; the yoghurt will nourish and condition and the olive oil will lock in the moisture.

Beauty tip 9: A face mask from Chili

For fresh and glowing skin, the women of Chile make their own face mask from red grapes. Mix a handful of the grapes with some plain yogurt, to make a paste, and then apply to the face and leave on for 5-10 minutes, before washing off. The antioxidant powers of the grapes will wake up tired skin and leave you with a beautiful glow.

Beauty tip 10: An all over glow from Sweden

Swedish girls put their clear, glowing skin down to their diet, which is rich in berries and grilled fish, that provide a huge dose of antioxidants. They also love their saunas, which also keeps their skin glowing and fresh.

Do you know some other effective and natural beauty tips and tricks from around the globe? Feel free to share them in the comment section below.

Stay beautiful and happy!


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