10 Easy one-minute beauty tips to try

How many of us have the time to do and redo our hairstyle, nails and makeup until we achieve perfection? Every single day? Hardly any, that’s how many. Getting the perfect look is a tough business but it would be even tougher if there weren’t so many quick beauty tips to choose from, created by women who, just like you, don’t have the time to spend hours in front of the mirror every morning or after work, before going to a party. Here’s how you can save some time on your beauty routine:

1. Moisturise at night

There’s a line of products called night masks that moisturise your skin in depth, more than a night cream, and this saves you time in the morning, because you’ve got your makeup canvas ready to paint on, rather than having to rub in moisturiser, wasting precious minutes. No, you can’t skip moisturising, unless you want to torture your skin for some reason.

2. Forget the blow drier

Blow drier is not so good for your hair because it dries it. Just wash your hair in the evening, not in the morning. You’re worried about styling it? Style as you want before going to work, if you have the time. If not, and you want it wavy, use the old trick of plaiting your wet hair into pigtails and going to bed with them. This will also save you time in the morning.

3. Quick and easy bun

If your hair is not one of those that look good in waves, and you haven’t got the time to do anything long and complex with it, just put it in a quick but cool bun. How? Pull back into a ponytail, then twist and secure with a few pins to the scalp. It looks messy but stylish and it goes with any hair as long as it’s, well, long enough.

4. Give your lips a quick exfoliation

The skin on your lips is no different from the rest of your body cover in one respect: it needs exfoliation. Yet it’s so much more sensitive that you may not know how to do this. Easy, just use your toothbrush. After you finish brushing your teeth, clean up the paste, apply some olive oil to your lips and gently scrub your lips with the brush. You’ll get smoother, lovelier lips instantly.

5. Easy beauty tip to help you look awake

If you haven’t slept very well and you look tired, especially around the eyes, here’s quick trick for you. Put some concealer around the inner corners of your eyes and spread around to instantly look more awake. In case your eyes are also puffy, treat them to a compress of warm water with some salt mixed in it. Just soak a cotton pad with the water and put on your eyes for a few seconds.

6. Make your lips stand out 

You can add definition to your lips very easily: just dab a little concealer around the edge of your mouth and just above your upper lip and spread. That’s before you put on lipstick, of course. This will define your lips perfectly, without having to use any lip liner, which takes time and is an activity prone to mistakes that take more time to fix.

7. Use clear mascara 

Good-looking, curly lashes are a great way to highlight your natural beauty but have you ever given any thought to the idea of using clear mascara instead of a coloured one? This has a number of benefits, among which: it takes less time to put on; you’re insured against clumps and smudges; you can use it to define your eyebrows as well.

8. Quick smokey eyes

Putting eyeliner, then shadow, then blending, then finding out it didn’t work as well as it should have, then doing it again… That’s a time waster right there. Use cream or gel liner for quicker application and smudge it with your fingertips, that will make sure it blends well with your eyeshadow.

9. Inner glow 

It’s easy to overdo the bronzer and besides, it’s not exactly suitable to any occasion. If you want just a little added glow, simply add bronzer to a bottle of moisturizer. You can also use fake tan instead of bronzer. This combination will add glow to your skin without making it too obvious and insuring you against applying too much.

10. Save time on nails 

You know how nail polish tends to stick unpleasantly to the cuticles and even to the surrounding area of your nail, especially when you’re in a rush, or when you’re using your “bad” hand? To avoid having to clean this mess, rub some petroleum jelly into the cuticles and the area around your nail before starting with the polish.

11. Make your makeup more durable

You don’t have to spend money on makeup setting spray as long as you have running water at home. Put some in a spritz bottle and spray your face after you’re done with your makeup. By “spray” we mean spray lightly, of course, lest you should end up with a smudged face instead of that perfect look you want to keep on until late in the night.

What are your favorite one-minute beauty hacks?

Stay beautiful!

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