10 Easy beauty tips and hacks that will make you even more gorgeous in no time

Makeup should be fun, not a chore that takes forever to do, and you can look just as amazing when you take a few shortcuts, as you would if you spent hours on your makeup. So, if you want to spend less time perfecting your look and more time having fun, read these ten really easy beauty hacks that will have you looking even more gorgeous, but in much less time.

1. Hide split ends fast

When you haven’t had the time to get a trim at the stylist, but you still want your hair to look great, here’s a quick way to hide those troublesome spilt ends. When you’ve finished applying your moisturiser, give the ends of your hair a quick pinch with your fingers and the moisturiser will help make those damaged hairs look healthy again.

2. Prep nails in an instant

To get a great, bubble free, finish to your nail polish, you need to make sure that your nails are completely free of any oil or nail polish remover. To make sure that there is nothing left in your nails that will ruin your polish, give them a quick wipe over with a clean cloth dipped in some vinegar. That will make sure that you get a smooth finish and it will help your nail polish stay looking great for longer.

3. Add instant colour to your face

Blush is what will make you look vibrant and healthy, but what do you do when you have no blush at hand? If you are out and you find that you are looking a little pale and washed out, apply a small dot of your brightest lipstick on the apples of cheeks and blend it out, and up towards your eyes. It will give your face an instant pop of colour and bring back some of the life and freshness into the skin.

4. Keep your cuticles perfect all the time

You probably only remember to use cuticle cream when you are doing your nails, but that isn’t always enough to keep them hydrated and soft. Get into the habit of applying a little bit of your lip balm to your nails every time you use it and that will keep your cuticles from drying out and getting chapped and sore.

5. Create the perfect cupids bow in seconds

You can give your upper lip more definition by using this simple trick to create the perfect cupids bow. Take a lip liner that is the same colour as you lip colour and draw an “X” shape in the middle of your upper lip, following the shape of your natural cupids bow. Apply the rest of your lip colour and you will have beautifully shaped lips.

6. Have fuller lips the quick and easy way

There’s no need to spend megabucks on expensive limp plumpers with this easy beauty trick. When you have finished applying your lipstick, add a little touch of frosted, pale eyeshadow to the centre of your lower lip. The light effect that it creates will give the impression that you have a fuller pout.

7. Thicken lashes with baby powder

The easiest way to get thick lashes fast is to apply some baby powder to them. Apply your first coat of mascara in the usual way first and then dust a thin coat of baby powder over the top of that. Then, apply a second coat of mascara and, hey presto, you will have thick and luscious looking lashes.

8. Cure flaky lips with a toothbrush

If you have flaky or chapped lips, you can remove the excess skin with a clean toothbrush. Just rub your lips softly with the toothbrush and then use a lip balm afterwards and you’ll have soft kissable lips again. Don’t scrub too hard, though, or you will make them sore and they could bleed.

9. Make makeup last longer with hairspray

If you have a long night ahead of you and you don’t have your usual setting spray at hand, you can make your makeup stay in place for longer with some hairspray. Don’t spray hairspray straight into your face, spray it up into the air and then tilt your head back, close your eyes, and catch on your face as it falls back down again. It will set your makeup and make it last for much longer. We don’t recommend doing it often though.

10. Fix smudged nail polish

If you smudge your nail polish while it’s still wet, there’s no need to start all over again when you know this little tip. Give it a gentle lick with your tongue and that will repair the damage without leaving a mark. Yes, it tastes revolting and you shouldn’t swallow nail polish, but it works when you are in a hurry!

What are your favourite beauty tips and hacks?

Stay happy!

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