10 DIY home remedies for dry skin

From Iceland to Jamaica – it doesn’t matter what your country or climate, almost all of us have suffered from dry skin – especially in the cold winter months. While it’s never a bad idea to invest in a humidifier (or take an extended tropical holiday), in the short term, staying on top of hydration with a few at home remedies can make a big difference. Store-bought moisturizers are great, but if you’re feeling a little parched and don’t want to make a shopping trip, keep reading for ten DIY home remedies for dry skin.

Coconut oil

Will we ever stop singing the praises of coconut oil? Not likely. This oil comes straight from the coconut (duh) and the scent is one great way to transport you to the tropics. Coconut oil is high in natural fats, which is great for improving skin elasticity, and studies have shown that it is a fix for eczema, psoriasis, and acne. Apply to your hands, body, hair, and face – anywhere that’s feeling a little dry. You can even cook with it!

Avocado and honey

Here is another one of natural home remedies for dry skin – avocado and honey combination. No, don’t eat it. Okay, fine, you can have some, but save the rest for your skin! Besides being ridiculously delicious, avocado and honey both pack some major punch when it comes to skin vitality. Avocado has omega fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that will bring moisture and glow to the surface. Honey has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, making it not only a great moisturizer, but awesome for fighting off any existing skin conditions or bacteria. Mash your avocado, and mix in honey to your preferred consistency. Wear it as a mask, and leave on for up to 20 minutes. Make sure to prepare some delicious food with the leftovers!

Banana and almond oil

Banana and almond oil is another one of amazing home remedies for dry skin. No, really, we’re not just trying to make you hungry. As it turns out, a lot of stuff that’s super delicious is also great for hydrating and reviving your skin! Bananas are full of potassium, as well as vitamins A, D, and C. Vitamin D comes from the sun, and is super essential for your skin in the winter. Vitamin C is excellent for evening skin tone and preventing wrinkles. Mash your banana, and mix with almond oil to your preferred consistency. The almond oil will add some extra moisture, and your skin will be beaming in no time.

Aloe Vera

It’s not just for sunburns! As it turns out, in fact, Aloe Vera gel is pretty useful all year round and is also part of fabulous home remedies for dry skin. The main reason Aloe Vera is so commonly used to relieve sunburns is due to its anti-inflammatory properties and intense moisturization (as sunburns are very drying). Aloe also has a compound called Gibberellin, which has restorative properties – it acts as a growth hormone to encourage cell regeneration. As a result, Aloe is actually great for your skin; regardless of how much sun you’ve seen lately. It can be applied on its own, or mixed with other oils or moisturizers for extra impact.

Vitamin E oil

Vitamin E is in all the trendy high-end skincare lines lately, and there’s no question why. It can be applied as an oil, gel, serum, or cream – dealer’s choice. Vitamin E has antioxidants that work to block free radicals in the skin, which helps immensely to prevent wrinkles and discoloration. Vitamin E is often applied topically to scars, but will also help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and is super moisturizing for anywhere you wish to use it.

Jojoba oil 

Jojoba oil often tends to fly under the radar because it is toted as a ‘carrier oil’, which means that it gets mixed with other essential oils to help them work their magic. On its own, however, jojoba oil still packs a serious punch and is one of amazing home remedies for dry skin. Jojoba oil is one of the oils with the closest pH level and moisture level to our skin’s natural moisture barrier. This means that you can apply it to sensitive areas like your face, without having to worry about clogging pores or stripping the skin’s barrier. It has a lightweight feeling, and sinks in quickly. Plus, it has a very light and pleasant scent – and it’s pretty inexpensive! Hold onto it as your secret weapon.

Moisturize while skin is wet

Okay, we’re kinda cheating here – we know this isn’t really a DIY remedy. But it’s such a simple trick you can do at home to stay moisturized that will make a world of difference. After you hop out of the shower or bath, lather on your moisturizer before you towel off. Moisturizer needs moisture to lock into the skin, and if your skin is wet it will stay hydrated for longer. This trick is especially great in the winter; warm steamy showers that open your pores are the perfect way to maintain the moisture barrier.

Drink water!

Again, we know, not really a DIY remedy. But water + skin + winter = hydration! Seriously, it’s the best way to keep your skin refreshed. We find that in the cooler weather, water also tends to be far less appealing. No one wants to carry around a cold bottle or glass, and it’s often unpleasant to wake up in the morning to a cold sip of water. If you prefer, exchange some of your hydration intake with herbal tea. It’s just as hydrating, and it serves the added purpose of warming you up! If you’re feeling a little low on energy, you can always grab a tea of the caffeinated variety – moisture and energy is a great combo.

Take your vitamins 

Many of the home remedies for dry skin we’ve listed so far are packed with vitamins – so it’s no wonder that we want you to eat some as well! Vitamin A is great for skin regeneration, vitamin C helps with hyperpigmentation, and vitamin E improves wrinkles and scars. Omega fatty acids are also incredibly important for skin health – they add elasticity and encourage collagen production. You don’t need to worry about popping pills every day, either – just eat the right foods! Dark leafy greens, eggs, dairy, fish, and nuts are all packed with the nutrients that will nourish and moisturize your skin – and the rest of you too!

Milk & honey bath

This remedy is great for when your skin is feeling parched, and you also kind of just want to be luxurious for a while. Start running a hot bath, and add a few cups of milk and a few tablespoons of honey. In the meantime, grab a cup of chamomile tea and that book you’ve been putting off for three weeks. Hop in, and soak for as long as you like. Don’t forget to soak your hair too! The honey and milk will moisturize, nourish, and revitalize your winterized skin.

What are your favorite home remedies for dry skin?

Stay beautiful!

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