10 Amazing DIY beauty gifts that your friends will love

When you really can’t think of anything to buy as a gift for a friend, it you can’t face traipsing around the shops, a homemade gift is not only a practical solution, it’s also great fun to make. You don’t need to be an artist or even be very experienced at craft work, all you really need is a little bit of patience and some imagination. DIY gifts are cost effective and they are also a lot more personal than store bought ones. Check out these ten great ideas for some DIY beauty gifts that your friends will simply adore.

1. Solid perfume

Solid perfume is really easy to make. All you need is beeswax and a selection of your favourite essential oils, and then you can make up a unique fragrance for a friend that will she will be able use, over and over again. For full instructions on how to make DIY solid perfume, you can check out the step by step guides at A Beautiful Mess.

2. Homemade soaps

With homemade soaps, you have no end of different ingredients you can use, so you could make up a selection of natural scented soaps for a friend. You could include honey, oatmeal, chamomile tea, aloe vera, and much more. Homemade soaps would be ideal for anytime who prefers to use natural beauty products. Take a look at I Heart Naptime, and find out how to make some wonderful homemade soap.

3. Peppermint foot-soak

If you have a friend who spends far too long on her feet, then she will love this peppermint foot-soak idea. This idea for a DIY beauty gift comes courtesy of Fivespot Green living and it only has three ingredients for you to mix. Package up your peppermint foot-soak in a nice jar, decorate it, and you have a lovely gift for a friend.

4. Homemade sunscreen

We all know that we should wear sunscreen every day, but so many of the store bought sunscreens contain toxic chemicals and potential skin irritants. Did you know, though, that many of the natural butters and oils that we use in beauty products contain natural sunscreen ingredients? You can make your own sunscreen at home with nothing but natural ingredients, so find out how at the Hippy Homemaker.

5. Vanilla and peppermint lip-scrub

Store bought lip-scrubs are so overpriced, but with this simple recipe from Dawn Nicole, for a wonderful vanilla and peppermint lip-scrub, you can save your friend a fortune and she will love how this simple DIY beauty gift tastes and how well it keeps her lips soft. Why not add this one to a selection of DIY gifts for our list and package it all up in a hand decorated gift basket?

6. Honey, nutmeg and cinnamon face mask

Honey has been used for centuries as a skin care product and the combination of honey, nutmeg and cinnamon in this all natural face mask from Carolyn’s Homework will nourish the skin, exfoliate and help clear up acne and blemishes. The great thing about this DIY beauty gift idea is that you probably already have all the ingredients in your kitchen cupboard.

7. Activated charcoal face mask

There’s a good chance your friend won’t have ever used an activated charcoal face mask before, but the charcoal is great for killing bacteria and giving the skin a really deep clean. Activated charcoal removes all kinds of impurities and toxins from the skin and that’s only one of the wonderful ingredients in this great face mask recipe from The Pistachio Project. Check and it out and see what you think.

8. Homemade shampoo

This is another great DIY beauty gift idea from Hippy Homemaker and this is an herbal shampoo that uses no artificial detergents or other chemical ingredients. Homemade shampoo is much gentler on the hair than shop bought shampoo and this recipe will leave you with soft and shiny and help clear up dandruff too.

9. Detox Bath with Ginger

We are all exposed to toxins, in the food we eat and, in the very air we breathe, and that’s why so many people are now looking for ways to detox their bodies. You can help your body rid itself of harmful toxins by taking a long hot bath in this amazing detox bath tea. Find out how to make this great DIY beauty gift at Confessions of an Overworked Mom.

10. Homemade conditioner

This is another great idea for a DIY beauty gift, and this time it’s all natural conditioner made with honey and rosemary. I will hydrate hair and leave it soft and silky and it will fight scalp conditions too.  Check out The Pistachio Project to find out how to make this very simple homemade conditioner.

Stay happy!

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