10 Dangerous beauty treatments and practices you should definitely avoid

It’s only a harmless beauty treatment, isn’t it? Well, beauty treatments and practices aren’t always as safe, as you might have thought and some are downright dangerous! We know you want to look your best, but some treatments should have a health warning attached them, so read these ten beauty practices that can be dangerous:

1. Brazilian blowout

If you have curly hair, the idea of getting beautiful, natural looking, straight hair might seem an attractive one. Be careful though, because, while the occasional blowout is probably harmless, the chemicals that they use to do it are not. There have been reports of the chemicals used in Brazilian blowouts causing skin irritation, burns and even shortness of breath.

2. Gel manicures

Gel manicures are supposed to look better and last longer. Not all the gel that is used is the same though, and some cheaper salons use gel that contains some very dangerous chemicals.

3. Ear candles

If someone suggested that you put a piece of rolled up paper in your ear and then set it on fire, you’d be a little dubious. But, this is exactly what ear candles are. They are supposed to remove ear wax and toxins from your ear, but they can also lead to blockages in the ears, burns and ruptured eardrums.

4. Eyebrow waxes

Apart from the fact that, if these go wrong, everyone can see it, eyebrow waxing can also be pretty dangerous. Repeated waxing will damage the hair follicles, some people have burned by the hot wax and sometimes, skin can be ripped off along with the hairs.

5. Cheap manicures

Even the humble manicure can have its dangers. Only go to a reputable manicurist, preferably one that you know well or have been recommended to. If a manicurist is anything less than conscientious about hygiene, then you could end up with fungal infections, bacterial infections and even permanent disfigurement.

6. Tanning beds

This one should be obvious by now, as everyone is aware that tanning beds lead to premature aging, but they still exist, so people are still using them! Did you know that, according to the National Cancer Institute, women who use tanning beds are 55% more likely to develop skin cancer? That’s reason enough to go without a tan.

7. Sharing makeup

Don’t share your makeup with friends and only use disposable applicators to try out makeup in stores. You can easily pick up germs and infections very easily from other people’s makeup, including conjunctivitis and the herpes simplex virus.

8. Waist Training

If you are looking for a slim waist then reduce your calories and get down the gym! Waist training is little more than the corsets of old and it can damage your ribs and make it hard for you to breath. They are also very uncomfortable, which is why most women threw their corsets out, sometime in the sixties!

9. Excessive exfoliation

Exfoliating does remove dead skin cells and brightens up your skin, but don’t overdo it. If you scrub too hard, you will rub your skin raw. It can also make your skin over sensitive and break blood capillaries.

10. Bikini waxes

Bikini waxes are nothing new but make sure you go to a reputable technician for this beauty treatment. A burn from the wax can be very painful and the ripping out of the hairs can damage the skin and can lead to infections. This is more of a serious problem than you might think. The state of New Jersey debated banning the fuller Brazilian waxes after two women ended up in hospital with their injuries.

Do you know some other dangerous beauty treatments and practices that we all should avoid?

Stay happy!

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