10 Best little known beauty hacks

Have you ever looked at girl with perfect hair and flawless makeup and wondered how on earth they find the time every morning to do all that? For most people, mornings are such a rush that makeup and hair gets done as best as it can and there’s no time for fiddling around getting things perfect. That’s why you can never get enough makeup and beauty hacks, because they can be a lifesaver in an emergency and they can save you heaps of time. So, take ten minutes to read this, and you will find ten of the best beauty hacks that you probably have never heard of before.

1. One product makeup fix

If you hit the snooze button a few times too many and really have no time at all for makeup, you can get away with using nothing but your lipstick. A quick swipe of lipstick to your cheeks and brow-bone, blend it in and then apply lipstick to your lips, and you will have the colour you need to give you a healthy glow and make it look like you had every intention to wear natural looking makeup.

2. Turn daytime makeup into nigh time glamour in no time at all

You can transform your daytime look in a matter of minutes with this great tip, so it’s perfect for those unexpected invitations to a night out. You can easily transform your daytime eye makeup into smoky eye look by taking a cotton swab and gently smudging the makeup. It creates an instant new look and you don’t even need any more makeup to do it.

3. Avoid cakey foundation 

You can make foundation look more natural if you apply it to the middle of your face and then blend it outwards. That way you won’t get any heavy caking at the hair line, or around the jaw. It will also give you good coverage where you need it, but still look perfectly natural.

4. You can use mascara in place of eyeliner

One of the biggest makeup headaches when you are in a rush is when you find out you have run out of something and that’s why we love makeup double duty hacks like this one. If you find that you have run out of eyeliner, mascara will do the same job. Just rub your eyeliner brush over your mascara brush and apply it to your eyelids.

5. Keep makeup remover by your bed

Keep some makeup remover and some cotton wool balls by the side of your bed and you’ll never again have any excuse to go to sleep with your makeup on. It’s not the best way to remove makeup, but it’s better than getting into bed, remembering your makeup, and then having to get up again. It’s also a lot better than not removing your makeup at all, which will only lead to blocked pores and breakouts.

6. Treat sunburn with sour cream

If you get caught out in the sun and you get burned, some cold sour cream will soothe the pain and help the sunburn to heal. It works a treat; it cools down the skin, stops the itching and it nourished the skin so it doesn’t feel so tight and sore.

7. How to make homemade lip plumper

You don’t need to waste a load of money buying expensive lip plumping product in a store. If you want fuller lips, just add a few drops of peppermint oil to your lip gloss and it will have the same effect. Peppermint oil is much cheaper than lip plumper, and you can find it any health store and many grocery stores stock it too.

8. Get rid of split ends without visiting a stylist

You can hide split ends by rubbing a tiny amount of moisturiser into them, but the only way that you can really get rid of them is by trimming your hair. If you don’t have the time to visit your stylist, just twist the strands of your hair together and you will see the split ends sticking out from the sides. You can then simply snip the stray strands them off with a pair of scissors.

9. How to get a bold winged eye look?

If you find it too fiddly to draw in your winged eye makeup, here’s a simple tip that will make it much easier. Draw the wing shape outline with white eyeliner first and then fill it in with black one. Drawing the lines first will make it much easier to get the right shape and it will help your winged eye makeup stay in place for longer too.

10. Change the texture of your foundation 

If your foundation is too thick – try mixing it with your primer or moisturizer before applying, it will help you get lighter coverage and make your makeup look a lot more natural. If you want to make your foundation thicker, try mixing a touch of loose powder into it, but avoid adding too much, or otherwise it can easily cake up.

What are your favorite makeup hacks and tips?

Stay beautiful!

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