10 Beauty tips from your favourite celebrities

When you look at your favourite celebrities, you might think that their beauty is all down to clever lighting, a team of makeup artists, and more than a little airbrushing, but even the celebs can’t leave it all down to someone else to make them look amazing. Believe it or not, they too have their collection of favourite beauty tips, hacks and tricks. Here are ten of favourite beauty tips that we have picked up for you from your favourite celebrities.

1. Liv Tyler loves rosewater

Liv Tyler says that she uses rosewater to achieve her flawless look. She applies foundation and little blush first, and then she dusts her face with a little translucent powder. Then, she sprays her face with a light mist of rosewater and lays a tissue over her face for a few second’s to soak up any excess. She says that it makes her makeup look a lot more natural.

2. Joan Collins keeps out of the sun

Joan Collins still looks amazing and she’s in her eighties! She puts her, still youthful looking skin down some good advice she received from a friend. Her friend showed her some older ladies sunbathing by a pool and asked the actress if she wanted to look that when she was 50. From that day onwards, Joan Collins kept her face protected from the sun!

3. Eva Mendes mixes bronzer and moisturiser

On days that Eva Mendes doesn’t want to wear any makeup at all, she uses a mixture of moisturiser in bronzer on her face. It’s a great way to take care of your skin, look healthy and pretty, but not look overly made up.

4. Ellen Pompeo uses moisturiser to make smoky eyes easier

This one is so simple, you’ll wonder why you never thought of it before, and it really does work a treat. When Ellen Pompeo wants to create a stunning smoky eye look, she applies a small amount of moisturiser to her eyelids first. Then, when she uses a pencil on her eyelids, it glides on smoothly and smudges virtually all by itself.

5. Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Singer, songwriter Sophie Ellis-Bextor has a simple ethos when it comes to makeup and that is to try anything! She likes to think that she has never done her makeup the same way twice and she loves to experiment with looks and ideas. The one trick that she does use a lot, though, is to use a copper tinted blush to add a healthy looking glow to her face.

6. Katherine McPhee has a great tip for fixing eyeshadow smudges

Katherine McPhee has a great way to stop eyeshadow fall from ruining her makeup. She says that if you apply a light dusting of loose powder over the top of your foundation, before you do your eyes, if you do get any shadow spills, it wipes off easily.

7. Taylor swift uses night cream, day and night!

If you thought that night cream was, well, for night use, then think again, because Taylor Swift seems to think that it’s great for use in the daytime too. She says that she applies night cream every single day; both first thing in the morning, before she applies her makeup, and then again at night, before she goes to bed.

8. Drew Barrymore uses white sparkle on her eyes

Even the rich and famous sometime wake up not looking 100% and they need a little something to open up their eyes. Drew Barrymore says that she learned from makeup artists that a little white sparkle in the corner of her eyes can make all the difference. In fact, the first few times she saw how it made her look, she was totally amazed at the difference.

9. Helena Christensen tones and moisturises

Helena Christensen says that she has a very simple beauty regime. She first cleanses her skin, then she tones it, and then she moisturises it, every single day. She’s also especially careful to take of her skin when she’s flying, because she says that her skin can get very dehydrated. Her other beauty tip is one that you will have heard many times, but probably ignored, and that is to make sure you always get a good night’s sleep.

10. Kate Moss wakes herself up with ice and cucumber

Kate Moss has a slightly unusual way of dealing with dark circles and puffy eyes the morning after a night out on the town. She says that, when she wakes up looking tired and a bit puffy, she fills her sink with cold water, ice, and sliced cucumber. She then plunges her whole face into the sink and that tightens up her skin and makes her look more awake.

Stay beautiful!

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