10 Beauty tips for the morning after a girls’ night out

After every great night out with the girls, comes the morning after! There’s no getting away from it, you’ve got to get up and ready, and you’ve got to make yourself look respectful, however much your head is thumping. To help you out, here are ten great tips on how to repair the damage, or at least hide it, after a girls’ night out:

1. Take off the makeup before you go to bed

You might not feel like doing it, but you’ll be glad you did. At least, make an effort to remove your makeup before you crawl into bed or it will cake on your skin, block your pores and make you look even worse in the morning.

2. Have a glass of water before you sleep

You’ll be amazed what a glass of water can do for you at a time like this. Alcohol dehydrates you and it is this that will make you feel awful in the morning. Just one glass of water can make all the difference and it will help stop your skin dehydrating too.

3. Prop yourself up on an extra pillow

Prop your head up on an extra pillow and it will help stop you getting puffy eyes. Elevating your head will help stop the fluids accumulating under your eyes, so at least you will look brighter, even if you don’t feel it.

4. Wake yourself up with a shower

The first step in the morning is to get straight into the shower, however exhausted you feel. Alternate between hot and cold water and it will wake you and your skin up.

5. Moisturize

Even if you did remember to drink a glass of water before bed last night, you will still have probably become dehydrated. Moisturize your face thoroughly. Use more moisturizer than you would normally and give it plenty of time to sink into your skin, before you apply any makeup.

6. Get rid of the puffy eyes

If you’ve got the time, then treat your eyes with some cold tea bags for a few minutes, or a cold teaspoon will also do the job. That will help reduce the puffiness and any dark circles under your eyes.

7. Keep makeup natural

Nothing screams ‘hangover’ more, than too much makeup, so don’t be tempted to cover up, keep it natural looking instead. Use a tinted moisturizer and a few dabs of concealer, where needed, and use lighter shades of lipstick and blush.

8. Open up your eyes

You might feel sleepy, but you don’t want to look it. Open up your eyes with an eyelash curler and apply a few coats of mascara. Try adding a little white eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes, that will help make your eyes look brighter as well.

9. Treat red eyes

Red eyes can be a dead giveaway, so don’t forget to treat your eyes too. A drop of two of over the counter eye drops will soon clear your eyes up, or just rosewater can work just as well.

10. Eat some breakfast

Coffee alone will not get through the morning, so try and eat breakfast. Even just an apple and/or a banana will give your metabolism a bit of boost and it will help to rehydrate you. If you feel tired, you will look tired, so get some food inside you and you feel, and look, a lot better.

Do you have other beauty tips for the morning after a girl’s night out?

Stay happy!

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