10 Beauty secrets that models try to hide

The models that appear on the runways of the fashion shows around the world are usually pressed for time and there’s no room for mistakes. That means that they have to sometimes take a few shortcuts and resort to some pretty unusual beauty techniques to make sure they look perfect when they set out in front of the crowd. These are the tips, tricks and hacks that you won’t usually see in any beauty magazines. The beauty secrets that models would rather prefer you didn’t know about.

1. They use heavy duty moisturiser

A model’s schedule is a hectic one and that really takes its toll on their skin. At the busiest times of year, they have back to back shows and they are regularly flying between different countries. Towards the end of a season of fashion weeks, the model’s skin is wrecked, so they have to use some really heavy moisturiser, which you wouldn’t want to use on a daily basis, to get their skin in shape before each show.

2. Lip balm goes everywhere

The model’s glowing skin isn’t as natural as you might have thought either. Makeup artists use lip balm to give the illusion of fresh looking, glowing skin and it is often applied to the bridge of the nose, the cheekbones, over the top of the eyelids, and just above the lips, as well as where it’s designed to go, on the lips themselves.

3. They use Neutrogena to tame the frizz

When the model’s hair stylist is faced with a bad case of the frizz, they reach or a jar of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream to solve the problem. They just take a tiny amount of the heavy duty moisturiser into the palm of their hands and then they use it to smooth down any flyaway hairs.

4. Touch-ups are continuous

You’d have thought that, at some point, makeup artists would step back from the model and say that the makeup is perfect and they are ready to go, but that never happens. A model’s makeup is constantly being touched-up and adjusted, right up until the very last seconds before she steps out onto the runway.

5. They scrape their lips clean of dry skin

There’s no time for gentle exfoliation when you are a model. Dry, chapped and cracked lips are a big problem for models, because they are always on the go, in and out of airplanes and spending a lot of time in air conditioned buildings. The makeup artists don’t waste any time getting rid of dry skin on the lips. They coat the model’s lips in lip balm, let it soak in for a while, and then they scrape the lips clean with a clean mascara wand.

 6. A model’s face is not always a clean face

We all know how important it is to remove makeup at night, but, apparently, models are not the best people for following this advice. A makeup artist’s first job is usually to cleanse the model’s face to remove all leftover bits of makeup left over from the day before. If they didn’t do that, the new makeup would be ruined.

7. Waterproof mascara is a must

To stop lashes dropping, makeup artists use waterproof mascara on the model’s eyes. This is especially useful if it’s raining outside, because the humidity in the air will soon take the curl out of the lashes. Even if it isn’t raining, waterproof mascara will hold a curl for much longer and it is much less likely to smudge.

8. They style their hair with dry shampoo

Models aren’t perfect and they have days when their hair isn’t as good as it could be and it needs freshening up with dry shampoo. Stylists use dry shampoo for styling as well, because it adds a bit of volume to the hair and it creates a matte look, which is very much a trend right now.

9. Here’s how models blow their noses!

If you have ever wondered how a model blows their nose without ruining their makeup, here’s how they do it. They wrap a piece of tissue around a finger and place their finger up their nostril, and then they gently blow. There’s no wiping allowed when your makeup has to be as perfect as model’s does.

10. Makeup is layered on

The flawless look of a model’s skin is not created by one secret formula, it’s done with a whole variety of concealers and foundations and it can be different for each model. A beauty secret that models definitely don’t want you to know is that, by the end of gruelling series of shows, their skin is anything but perfect and takes multiple layers of products and lots of blending to achieve that flawless look.

Stay beautiful!

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