10 Beauty rules that you should start breaking

Rules are there for a reason, but some are meant to be broken. There are areas, such as beauty and style, where rules, no matter what experts might say, are not set in stone and that’s a wonderful thing. It can’t be any other way, in fact, given that fashion is such a dynamic phenomenon, and advice that used to be thought of as an established commandment at some point, now simply must be smashed to pieces. Here are some of the beauty rules we’ve told you are better followed, but why not to break them sometimes, if you get the chance.

1. No brow plucking above the upper line

That’s one oft cited rule, simply because for the inexperienced brow plucker it would be too easy to ruin the overall shape of her brows by trying to shape them from the top. Yet there are professionals who know what they are doing, so if you don’t like your current brow shape, it’s best to use their services, than trying to give your brows an extravagant makeover yourself.

2. Never emphasize more than one feature

We’ve stressed this beauty rule over and over again just because it’s the safest way. However, now is the time to admit that there is nothing wrong with emphasizing both your eyes and your lips, but only under one condition: don’t overdo it. A smokey eye with bright red lipstick is fine, but only if the eye isn’t too smokey, we hope you get the idea.

3. Blusher is for the apples of your cheeks only 

No, it’s not! The blush is meant to add a natural flush to your face, so logic would suggest that it should go in all the places that would naturally flush. In fact, this is what the expert makeup artists say too – cheeks, nose, forehead, chin are all good for blusher. As for bronzers, though the rule is to save it for the summer, it’s perfectly acceptable in winter too. Get some colour into those cheeks!

4. Don’t match your makeup to the clothes

This beauty rule states that your makeup and your clothes should be from different colour palettes but, like the other rules, this one is not unbreakable neither. Match away, if that’s how you feel. Sometimes matching is better than creating a contrast. It often looks better and fresher. Think of orangy-peachy hues, for example.

5. Match your lipstick to the nail polish

Seriously?! There are so many nail designs that it’s actually sometimes impossible to match the nails to the lips. Imagine a polka dot pattern on your lips, not to mention that some colours that look great on your nails would make you look definitely eccentric, if you apply them on your lips (think of grays and blues, for example).

6. Never wear blue eyeshadow

While it certainly doesn’t look as natural, as some other shades, blue eyeshadow still deserves its place in your makeup arsenal. See above the rule for matching makeup to the outfit, for instance. That’s one way to pull it off nicely with the blue eyeshadows. Another great beauty tip is to use bright blue eyeshadow as an eyeliner – that way you won’t have to worry that you’ll look like a disco queen out of the 80s.

7. Hair length is age-determined

This one is so old, we’ve all heard it but that doesn’t make it less insubstantial. Hair length depends on how thick it is, what the shape of your face is and how you personally like it, not on your age. Some people notice that their hair tends to get more brittle as they age, but that’s just a general fact, it’s not a short-hair sentence once you hit 40 or something. Ditto braids, by the way.

8. Hair colour should conceal age 

This is actually silly – some people start graying in their 20s. It’s true that gray hair colour doesn’t go well with some faces, but if you like yourself the way you naturally are, regardless of your age, then that’s how you should look, not the way some fashion rule prescribes. Some young celebs are experimenting with fake gray hair colour, and it doesn’t look that bad on them.

9. Hair conditioner should only be used on the lower two-thirds of the hair

This rule probably stems from a fear of getting greasy hair but conditioning your scalp cannot make your hair greasy. On the contrary, it will  moisturise it, effectively preventing excess sebum secretion and hence greasiness. So, feel free to apply hair conditioner to your roots as well. Also, some say that the rule about not washing your hair every day should be broken but we’re sceptical about this.

10. High price means high quality

Not necessarily. Why waste money on an expensive branded moisturiser, when the more cost-effective one from the drugstore would have the exact same effect on your skin? On the other hand, the rule holds true for makeup: the more expensive it is, the more durable and nice-looking it usually is. So, it’s better to splurge some money on the actual makeup, but buy more affordable makeup remover.

Stay happy!

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