Let’s talk about some popular makeup and beauty mistakes that we, girls, often make, that actually, turn guys off:

1) Spidery eyelashes 

Avoid overloading your eyelashes with mascara, it can look like your lashes can crawl, which can repel guys, rather than attract them. Instead, curl your lashes before applying mascara and do one or maximum two coats for beautiful, natural looking result.

2) Layers of concealer and foundation 

“Plastering” our the face with foundation is one of the favorite girlish things to do, but, according to many surveys and researches, guys prefer natural-looking makeup and realistically looking skin. Moreover, when you layer your moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation and you finish it up with powder, all this caked up “painting material” on your face can rub off on your clothes (and his too). Therefore ladies, if you want your gentlemen appreciate your makeup talents, try to enhance your natural beauty; make sure to stick with light weight foundation and use your concealer sparingly.

3) Perfume overload

Perfume overload is one of the most common beauty mistakes that we, girls, often make. We think: “The more – the better!” Even though, in some cases it’s true, for example, the more love – the better, but when it comes to perfume – too much is too much! Avoid spraying your perfume all over your hair and body, if you want your partner to sit through the dinner date. (Feel free to read perfume tips here)

4) Too sticky lips

Some lip glosses tend to make our lips so sticky, that, if a butterfly would land on our pout, it wouldn’t be able to unstick and take off. These types of glosses are even more dangerous when the weather is windy, because your hair can easily cling to it, spreading your makeup all over the face…In order to avoid this problem, exfoliate your lips regularly (for soft, kissable pout) and chose non-sticky lip gloss formulas.

5) Overload of bronzer

Guys tend to be very “sensitive” to the overload of bronzer. While we see ourselves as a sun-kissed goddess, guys perception can be slightly different, they notice that your face and neck simply don’t match, this can give an illusion that you are wearing a mask. In order to avoid this makeup error, use bronzer that is only one or two shades darker, than your natural skin tone and make sure to spread and blend bronzing powder down to your neck and décolletage.

6) Too much hairspray

If you overload your hair with hair styling products, such as hair gels and hairsprays, your man, definitely, won’t be able to run his fingers through your locks, which, certainly, can be a big turn off.

7) Visible lip liner

Well, lip liners can be very handy, when you want to (ever so slightly) correct or enlarge the shape of your lips. But sometimes, we girls, mismatch our lip liner with our lipstick, which can become a big makeup turn off for guys. Try to match your lip liner to your lipstick shade, this way, nobody will notice that you moderately enlarged your lips. 😉

8) Panda eyes

We all love smokey eyes effect, but be careful, this type of makeup can easily turn into “panda eyes”. According to surveys, many guys consider smokey eyes dreadful, rather than attractive, especially, if it’s done unprofessionally. It’s strange why men don’t like things that we, girls, adore? Probably, it’s because they have different kind of perception: we, girls, pay more attention to details and guys see things as the whole and complete image. Therefore, wearing “panda” smokey eyes on a first date, almost guarantees you that this date will also be the last one.

9) Scary nails

Well, if you want to play it safe with manicure, avoid wearing too long nails, also, avoid neon, dark or craggy manicures, because all this can really freak your gentleman out. Wear neutrals or classic reds instead, and make sure your nails are always in great condition.

10) Heavy-handed eyebrows move

I know, thick eyebrows are a big trend nowadays, but there is a big difference between naturally dense eyebrows and brows drawn with the dark pencil. On the other hand, over-tweezed brows are as much a turn off for guys, as stenciled-in ones. Therefore, when in doubt about how to shape your eyebrows, ask for help a professional.

Now, being aware of what turns guys off and knowing how to apply makeup the right way, you can fearlessly get ready for your first date with your gentleman, knowing that you will, surely, conquer his heart.

What are, on your opinion, other makeup and beauty mistakes that turn guys off?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment’s section below.

Stay beautiful!


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