10 Beauty essentials for your car

Jumping in your car and driving for miles can be a truly liberating experience; you can crank down the window and crank up the music and just drive and see where the road leads, but if you are going on a long road trip, you will need to pack some beauty essentials to make sure you look your best when you arrive at your destination. Whether you are driving to see family or going away for a romantic weekend, here are ten beauty essentials to take with you in your car that will help you look bright eyed and beautiful when you get out at the other end.

1. Sunscreen

Tinted windows and air conditioning will keep you cool on a long trip, but they won’t stop the sun burning your skin. Apply sunscreen before you set out and top it up during the journey as well. If you don’t, you’ll end up with an embarrassing case of sunburn down one side of your face and along one arm.

2. Atomizer

To save you having to carry around a large bottle of perfume, decant some of your favourite scent into a handy, pocket sized atomizer. If you have that to hand you can freshen up with a spritz of perfume whenever you stop and when you get to your final destination.

3. Blotting papers

This is another one of important car beauty essentials. When you are travelling for a long time, your face can get oily, so a pack of quality blotting papers is an essential to have with you in your car to quickly mop up any shine off your face. These are especially useful when you take a pit stop and find that the ladies room is not somewhere that you want to spend too much time in!

4. Lip balm

Whether you have the air conditioning blasting away or the roof wide open to the elements, your skin can get dried out on a long journey and that applies especially to your lips. Moisturise your lips with a lip balm before you start out on a long road trip and keep them moisturised with a quick application of lip balm when you take breaks.

5. Disposable toothbrush

You can get some really neat disposable toothbrushes now that come complete with a small quantity of toothpaste and they don’t need any water. There’s no foam and no mess, so they are just right for a quick freshen up when you are on a long car journey. They also leave your mouth feeling a lot cleaner than simply chewing gum or eating a mint ever could.

6. Hand sanitizer

A hand sanitizer is an absolute must for a road trip, especially for when you take breaks at gas stations or roadside cafes. Long car journeys are great fun and they can be really romantic, but the one thing that can let them down is the lack of hygiene at some roadside facilities, so play it safe and always take a hand sanitizer with you to make sure that you stay germ free.

7. Powder foundation

If you don’t want to be bothered with a full face of makeup for your long drive, then pack just a few beauty essentials in your in-car glamour kit. A powder foundation will help keep your skin from getting shiny and it’s easy to give your face a quick dusting while you sit in the car. Don’t be tempted to apply any makeup while you are on the move though, it really just isn’t worth the risk of having an accident.

8. Bronzer

Driving for long periods of time can drain the colour from skin, so one of the makeup essentials you might want to think about taking with you is bronzer. A quick application to the hollows of your cheeks and across your forehead will give you an instant lift and make you look less tired and washed out.

9. Long lasting mascara

One of useful car beauty essentials is long lasting mascara. You never can be sure what will happen on a long road trip, so some long lasting waterproof mascara will see you through the long hours of sitting behind the wheel. At least you’ll know that if you do get stuck somewhere, your eyes will still look great and your mascara won’t run.

10. Sheer lipstick

Heavy duty makeup just doesn’t feel right on a long car drive, so opt for a low maintenance look with a hydrating sheer lipstick that will give you a pop of colour without making you feel too made up. Whatever beauty essentials you take with you on a car trip, the key is to look great but feel comfortable, so keep makeup light and fresh and enjoy the ride.

What are your favourite car beauty essentials?

Stay beautiful!


  1. Terry
    January 10, 2017 at 11:00 pm

    Fabulous tips!

  2. Ghina Fauziyyah
    March 18, 2016 at 8:13 am

    Very interesting for girls. Never have a thought to bring makeup in car.

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