10 Asian beauty secrets you need to know about

Asian women are renowned for their beauty and their poise and many of their beauty tips and tricks have been passed down, not just for generations, but for thousands of years. Asian women also take their beauty routines very seriously. The average Korean woman’s beauty regime consists of around twenty six different steps, whereas the average American woman has only six to seven steps. If you want to know more about how Asian women achieve their natural looking beauty and their flawless skin, read these ten Asian beauty secrets you need to know about.

1. Slap on the moisturiser

One thing that you would learn if you spent any time in Asia is that the women there don’t go easy with the moisturiser. They start from the chin and work their way up the face, slapping moisturiser thickly on their skin. They don’t rub it in either; they just leave it to soak in naturally through the slapping action.

2. Drink more tea

Tea is another one of Asian beauty secrets. Asian women place great importance on the medicinal and beauty benefits of tea, both green tea and a wide variety of herbal teas. They drink all different kinds of herbal teas for different reasons, including detoxing the body, boosting the immune system and keeping the complexion clear.

3. Brush your skin

Dry skin brushing has caught on in western countries in recent years, but the girls of the East have known about the benefits of skin brushing for years. As a part of their daily beauty ritual, they brush the skin of their face with a dry, soft bristled brush. They say that this keeps their skin soft and smooth and it prepares the skin for serums and creams and helps them to get absorbed into the skin better.

4. They use sunscreen every day

Asian beauty secrets list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning sunscreen. Asian ladies take protecting their skin from the sun very seriously and that is why you see so many women in Asian countries carrying umbrellas. There are no if’s, or but’s, when it comes to sunscreen, they apply it every single day without fail.

5. Use Camellia oil

A natural plant oil that is a particular favourite in Asian beauty treatments is camellia oil, which has been used as a cooking oil in Japan for centuries. Japanese women also use it extensively in their beauty regimes as a moisturiser, a hair conditioner, and for treating burns and stretch marks. It is especially known for its high concentration of Vitamin E and polyphenols and its ability to be absorbed quickly into the skin without blocking the pores.

6. Get a massage

Massage is another one of important Asian beauty secrets. The Chinese value massage as an important part of their health and beauty routine, both because they understand the power of reflexology and for the ability that massaging has to improve the skin. They don’t have massages just because it feels wonderful and it relaxes them, they use massage as a way of detoxing the whole body and improving blood supply to the skin.

7. Try a mung bean face mask

A popular ingredient in Asian face masks is the mung bean, which is a small, green bean that is also used in cooking, in both sweet and savoury dishes. The beans are ground into a paste and then applied to the face and they are said to be good for clearing up acne, de-puffing the eyes and toning the skin.

8. Skin polishing

Skin polishing is also very popular in Asia. If you’ve not heard of it before, skin polishing is a process of cleansing the skin, followed by the gentle exfoliation of the skin, usually with pumice stone and it is finished off with moisturising, or a face pack. It’s a complete solution to skin care in one routine and removes dead skin cells and brightens up the skin, without using abrasive scrubs.

9. Turmeric face mask

Turmeric is another one of Asian beauty secrets. It is as popular in Asia as it is in the Middle East, as an ingredient for skin care products, and turmeric is used as an anti-ageing face mask to reduce wrinkles. To make your own Asian inspired face mask, mix a teaspoon of turmeric with a tablespoon of almond milk and a teaspoon of raw honey. Apply it to the face and leave it on for about ten minutes before rinsing off.

10. Use oil instead of cleanser

While many women in the West are trying to find oil free skin care products, the women of Asia prefer to use oil to cleanse to their skin. They use light, natural plant oils that dissolve and lift the mineral oils that are found in sunscreen and makeup straight off the skin without leaving any residue or blocking up the pores.

Do you know other Asian beauty secrets?

Stay beautiful!

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