10 Anti-Ageing Secrets You Need To Know About

Ageing is, of course, a natural process that happens to anyone. There are no miracle cures that stop ageing altogether, and there is no way to live forever young. But there are ways to slow down the ageing process so that you and your skin looks as glowing, as healthy and as beautiful for as long as possible.

There are factors that accelerate the ageing process that we can’t control, such as genetics. But there are also factors that we can control, such as our diet and bad habits, and it’s important that we focus on these if we want to improve our skin and complexion.

Ageing is inevitable, and it will happen to all of us. But rather than throw your hands up, admit defeat and indulge yourself because you’re going to age anyway, let’s take a look at our top 10 anti-ageing secrets that can extend your beauty for a long long time.

Implement And Follow A Skin Care Regimen That Actually Works

Without a good skin care regimen that actually works, it will be difficult for your skin to look as healthy as it can do for as long as possible. Cracks might begin to show, blemishes will appear, and so will wrinkles. This is because your body’s oil production lessens as you get older, which leads to all kinds of issues with your skin. The only way to remedy the situation is to implement a skin care regime.

You can research online for a good skin care regimen, but it’s really important that you find one that is tailored towards your skin. As a suggestion, you could rinse your face each morning with a soft cleanser, before doing so again in the evening.

You could also apply a moisturiser over your head, hands, neck and legs each day, while exfoliating your skin at least once a week is also important.

Buy The Right Skin Care Products

If anything can accelerate the ageing process more than not using skin care products at all, it’s using the wrong skin care products.

Certainly not all skin care products are made equal, and some do more harm than good. Again, some research will be required so that you avoid nasty ingredients and chemicals that can cause irritable, dry, and itchy skin. If you’re really unsure about using behind the counter skin care products, you could always make your own.

You can also talk to your dermatologist for advice.

Stay Hydrated

You’ll no doubt have noticed that fashion models everywhere are never snapped without a bottle of Evian water in their bony fingers. They’re not being paid to advertise the brand, though; instead, they’re simply keeping the signs of ageing at bay.

You need to drink lots of water if you want to stay looking young. Water hydrates your body, which is super important for flushing away pesky free radicals that want to age you instantly.


A lack of sleep can quicken the ageing process. According to studies, “sleep-deprived women show signs of premature skin ageing and a decrease in their skin’s ability to recover after sun exposure.”

The thing about sleeping more often is that it’s really easy to do! The problem is that, because many of us live increasingly hectic lives, we struggle to find the time to get more than 5 hours of sleep per night.

Sleeping for at least 8 hours each night will work wonders for your skin over the long term. Your body will be able to repair damaged cells and grow new ones, which in turn slows down the ageing process.

Take A Break

Too few of us get enough zzz’s each night, and too few of us in 2016 take enough breaks from our job. We work more hours than ever before, which leads to stress – and ageing.

Stress causes actual changes in your body which promotes ageing. Hormones go out of whack, your blood pressure rises, and you end up looking older than your years. Not cool.

Take time off work when it’s offered. Use all your vacation days. Don’t be the one who works all summer because “who needs a vacation anyway?” Spend time to recharge your batteries, relax, and stop taking all that overtime. You want to look beautiful, don’t you?!

Engage Your Brain

Ageing isn’t just physical. If you don’t stimulate your brain each day, you will eventually feel sluggish, fatigued and incapable of solving even the simplest of problems.

Keep your brain alert for as long as possible by engaging it each day with puzzles, books and the like.

Chew Gum

It is on our first where the real signs of ageing are most visible. The problem is that while many of us are champions when it comes to working our shoulder, legs and stomach muscles, very few of us think to work on our facial muscles.

Chewing gum each day is a great way to keep your lower facial muscles in shape. It can eliminate fat around your chin and keep your jawline looking smooth and healthy.

Wear Sunscreen

Not only can the great big yellow ball in the sky cause skin cancer (cases of which are on the rise), but it can also promote ageing.

Naturally, many of us are sun worshippers who love nothing more than topping up our tans in the summer time. But you should at least get smart about it by applying sunscreen each and every day.

In fact, you should apply sunscreen in the winter, too. Although you might not burn and crisp, the sun is still getting to your skin and ageing you.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

You can’t eat lots of junk food and sugary drinks if you want to stay looking young. A bad diet is indeed the number one way to turn yourself into an old, wrinkly woman way before your time.

Meryl Streep says that the reason she still looks so great for her age is because of her diet. She sticks to only organic food, and says that this is a fab way of keeping toxins out of her body.

Don’t Sit Too Close To The Fire

It turns out that the sun isn’t the only hot thing that can accelerate the ageing process. Sitting too close to the fire in your house can also promote ageing because heat causes collagen to breakdown, as well as redness. This can be really damaging in the long term.

Stay beautiful!

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