10 Amazing beauty tips from Victoria’s Secret models

Even the models who appear at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show need help to look as beautiful, as they do and, yes, they too have their bad days. But, Victoria’s Secret Angels have a whole team of beauty experts backstage to help them get ready for the show and iron out any last minute flaws. These girls have the inside track to some of the best beauty experts in the world, so you know that these ten beauty tips of Victoria’s Secret models will be worth the read:

1. Apply blush before foundation (Lindsay Ellingson)

Lindsay Ellingson pays close attention to what her makeup experts are doing, which is how she discovered that applying blush before foundation works for her. She says that applying blush, after toner and moisturizer allows it to soak into her skin and look more natural.

2. Contouring (Hilary Rhoda)

Every day, Hilary Rhoda uses a bronzer to highlight the contours in her face. She applies bronzer to her eye sockets and cheekbones to make herself look ‘more fresh, awake and refined’.

3. Hydration is important (Lindsay Ellingson)

Drinking plenty of water is another tip from Lindsay Ellingson. Keeping her skin hydrated is an important part of her beauty regime and she recommends drinking plenty of water each day, getting plenty of rest and using a good eye cream.

4. Faking fake lashes (Jourdan Dunn)

Jourdan Dun has a tip for creating the look of fake lashes without the damage to your real lashes that fake ones can cause. She recommends that, if you place a credit card or a playing card behind your lashes when you apply mascara and push against the card, it will give you the thicker and longer look of fake lashes.

5. Eat well for healthy skin (Candice Swanepoel)

Making sure that she gets enough vitamin C and D in her food is a big priority for Candice Swanepoel, and she says that the most important thing for healthy and glowing skin is to think about what you eat.

6. Always use eyelash curlers (Jessica Hart)

Jessica Hart loves eyelash curlers, as they really open up the eyes. She sometimes wears no mascara at all, because she thinks that lashes curled with a curler sometimes look better without mascara.

7. It’s all about the skin (Lily Aldridge)

For Lily Aldridge, taking care of her skin is the most important part of her beauty regime. As well as drinking plenty of plain water, she also drinks lots of coconut water and eats plenty of avocado and salmon to keep her skin well nourished.

8. Salt water spray for the hair (Behati Prinsloo)

Behati Prinsloo sprays her hair with a fine mist of salt water to make her locks look amazing. She says that it’s a cheap and easy way to give her an instant, ‘just off the beach’ look.

9. Get your beauty sleep (Erin Heatherton)

A simple but effective piece of advice from Erin Heatherton is to make sure that you get enough sleep every night; she says that it makes all the difference.

10. Never blow dry your hair (Lindsay Ellingson)

Lindsay Ellingson never uses a blow dryer on her hair, unless she is working. She also says that she does not shampoo her every single day and that she uses a leave-in conditioner regularly, as well to keep her locks looking beautiful.

What are your favorite beauty secrets and beauty tips? Please, feel free to share them in the comment section below.

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