Beauty15 HEALTH TIPS TO HELP KEEP YOURSELF IN GREAT SHAPE. Read more ... » industry is now full of products and cosmetic10 BEAUTY "MUST HAVES" FROM BACKSTAGE FASHION WEEK . Read more ... » inventions, so that sometime we can even lose ourselves in this sea of beauty. In todays topic lets talk about 7 reasons why the highlighter should be your cosmetic best friend.

1) Open up your eyes.
When you dot a tiny bit of highlighter to the inner corners of your eyes, it will instantly brighten up the whole eye area, make you look more awake and open up your eyes.

2) Highlighter will help you to look younger8 SECRETS: HOW TO LOOK YOUNGER?. Read more ... ».
To spice up your everyday look add a highlighter on top of your cheekbones. It will add dimension and create beautiful reflection, it only will be visible when you turn. This trick will help you to look younger8 SECRETS: HOW TO LOOK YOUNGER?. Read more ... » and more fresh.

3) Make your forehead look polished.
If you apply a little bit of highlighter on your forehead above your brows, this will also add dimension to your face and the skin on your forehead will look like it has been polished. (This is not recommended if you have oily skinHOW TO KEEP YOUR FACE FROM GETTING OILY? 8 EFFECTIVE BEAUTY TIPS FOR OILY SKIN. Read more ... » or pimples10 GREAT HOME REMEDIES FOR ACNE AND PIMPLES. Read more ... » on your forehead).

4) Smaller nose with the help of highlighter?
If you would like to correct she shape of your nose, make it smaller or thinner, you don’t need to make a plastic surgery8 THINGS TO CONSIDER BEFORE GOING FOR COSMETIC PLASTIC SURGERY. Read more ... », just use the makeup15 HEALTH TIPS TO HELP KEEP YOURSELF IN GREAT SHAPE. Read more ... ».
Apply a highlighter down the bridge of your nose and a matt colour that is 1 or 2 shades darker than your skin tone on the sides of your nose, with this tip you can easily make your nose look thinner and smaller, but be careful when you use it during the day, remember to blend everything very well, so that nobody can spot any lines along your nose. All this should look smooth and well blended, just like natural shading of the face.

5) Want a lift?
Use a highlighter under your eyebrows8 PERSONAL FLAWS THAT ACTUALLY MAKE YOU FLAWLESS . Read more ... » and above them after you filled them in, this makeup trick will give you a visible lift, will emphasise the shape of your brows, give them clean look and accentuate your eyes. Only, pay attention to use the highlighter sparingly, no need of big brush. Use a tiny thin brush to get more sophisticated result.

6) How to plump up your lips9 BEAUTY TIPS AND TRICKS FOR SOFT AND HEALTHY LIPS . Read more ... »?
You can easily do it with a highlighter – just dab it on your cupid’s bow (which is the middle of your upper lip) and onto the centre of your lower lip (you can apply a highlighter on top of the lipstickWHAT YOUR LIPSTICK SHADE REVEALS ABOUT YOUR PERSONALITY? 8 THINGS. Read more ... » or just on bare lips), this way your lips will appear larger and fuller. If you don’t have a highlighter, use any white shimmery eyeshadowTOP 6 EYE MAKEUP MISTAKES TO AVOID. Read more ... » instead, a shimmery lipgloss11 TIPS ON HOW TO BE MORE CONFIDENT AND FEEL FABULOUS (FOR LADIES). Read more ... » also will do.

7) Say no to dark circles9 TIPS ON HOW TO WAKEUP BEAUTIFUL AND WELL RESTED. Read more ... » around your eyes!
Here is an easy and simple make upBEAUTY SECRETS OF CLEOPATRA. Read more ... » trick to quickly neutralise dark circles around your eyes: mix your creamy highlighter with an under eye concealerMAKEUP TIPS AND TRICKS ON HOW TO USE DIFFERENT TYPES OF CONCEALERS. Read more ... » in propositions that you like and apply it (sparingly) under your eyes, this will lighten and brighten your eye area and will erase the signs of fatigue.

There is no makeup artist10 BEST MAKEUP BOOKS WORTH BUYING. Read more ... » who doesn’t have a highlighter in their kit, but it’s not very popular amongst the people who are not acquainted with the makeup world. All this is because the highlighter has a small secret to it which can be explained in one word – “moderation”. Generous amount of highlighter on the face can make it look greasy and gross, but skilful use of it can make you look fabulous11 TIPS ON HOW TO BE MORE CONFIDENT AND FEEL FABULOUS (FOR LADIES). Read more ... »!

Do you often use a highlighter? Do you use it during the day or only for a night out?
Please, let me know your thoughts.

Shine everywhere, shine always!

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